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Election or gambling?

  • Published on: September 20, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnElections of the local bodies in No 2 Province were held on 18 September as per schedule. After viewing the local elections in all the provinces, this scribe has reached to the conclusion that days have gone for honest politics as money played a vital role in all the elections. 1.5 million rupees was spent by the candidates contesting the election for the post of a Ward chairman, whereas 15 million rupees was needed to win the election of a rural municipality. From this one can assume how much money that the candidates of the municipalities, sub-metropolises and metropolises had to spend!

    Especially talking about elections in No 2 Province, excessive amount of money was spent by the candidates. Besides, to influence the voters, drinks and parties were thrown and even brand new notes were distributed by the candidates. In such circumstances those leaders who want to perform honesty and oppose spending money to purchase votes can never be elected.

    Those, who have gambled a huge amount and got elected in the election, will have the first priority to return back their election investment. They have gambled money viewing that once elected, they will have the opportunity to earn money through corruption. If they had seen no chance to make money, they would have not gambled with their money. They have come to the politics not to serve the people but to make money.

    We may have to wait some more days to get the final result of the elections in No 2 Province but in other provinces, the local bodies or say local governments have already been constituted. Immediately after the people’s representatives of the local bodies assumed the office, they started their works with the decision of purchasing vehicles, mobile phones, fixing salaries and allowances for themselves and this and that. Until now, we have not heard any news that they have done for the local people. Talking about the Kathmandu Metropolis, it is same like in the past. After spending 101 days, the mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolis said that many of the works he had committed were not under his sole responsibility as there are other government organs to complete these works. Kathmanduites’ major problem is dust and smoke pollution. Many elderly citizens and children have become victims of pollution and the death rate suffering from such pollution has increased in an alarming rate. In other countries, mainly in cities, we can see the municipality authority cleaning roads by water at least once a day and pulling dust in roads by operating Broomers. This is an urgency for Kathmandu, the capital city. Of course, the Metropolis has assured that it will operate broomer machines to clean the Kathmandu roads, but when?

    A couple of weeks before, the electricity pillar in front my house fell down. The Electricity Authority workers came and changed the pillar and fixed the electricity wire but other cables belonging to the Nepal Telecommunication and different cable networks are still lying in the roads. Several times, this scribe complaint to the Telephone office but there was no response. The road approaching my house is under construction for the last one and half years. The road has been very badly damaged yet the construction works have not started. Where can we complain? The Kalimati-Nagdhunga Road is under expansion. Nepal’s famous and luxury hotel Soaltee is located in Tahachal, in between Kalimati and Nagdhunga. Everyday, events are taking place and VIPs are visiting the Hotel, but the condition of the road is still very bad. According to reports, many locals, denied to give their land for the road, and have filed cases at the court. It is an excuse for the contractor to delay the project. But why the court is delaying to give a final verdict on such issues directly related to the general public, one cannot understand. Also, the contractor could complete other parts having no dispute and keeping pending the construction works in the disputed areas. In the process of bringing drinking water, almost all roads have been dug-out and when the roads are going to be repaired, we don’t know. It is sad to say that again, to the roads are going to be dug-out to keep underground the electricity cables. Build and demolish are the ongoing process in the name of beautifying Kathmandu!

    Yes, we got local governments and we can find Singhadurwar in our own city, but along with the arrival of Singhadurwar in the cities and villages, corruption also came together. As corruption has been deeply rooted in our politics and there is no check and balance on the supremacy of the political leaders, the general public are helpless and also sufferers.

    Political leaders say that after the election process is completed, the new constitution is going to be fully implemented. Sad to say that the local bodies, to meet their expenses, have started to increase taxes on the service provided by such bodies. In this way, services are becoming expensive whereas transparency and accountability of such bodies have already ended. Therefore, people have started to say that the Panchayat days were far better than the present “loktantra”, which they prefer to say loot-tantra. True, as long as the present system will last, the nation will have to face worst days and perhaps, it will collapse! The new constitution has been imposed by the foreign powers to destroy this beautiful country with the plan of imposing their culture and values by using foreign puppet political leaders. Already, it has been proved that the new constitution has been failed.


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