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Katha Nalapaniko screened in  Australia

  • Published on: September 20, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    Nalapani memorial erected by the BritishKatha Nalapaniko, a documentary produced by Nepal Foundation for Advanced Studies, was  recently screened in Sydney, Australia.

    This first audiovisual presentation by NEFAS that  dwells on the battle of Nalapani that took place between Nepal and British India 200 years was screened  by medical professionals of Nepali origin in Australia.

    Australian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association, an Australian charity, held the show in their Bardali function to raise funds for their charity work.

    Dr. PrabinPathak who coordinated the event, said that 80 people, including a few relatives of the medical professionals enjoyed  the show.

    He said all those who watched the documentary praised the NEFAS effort to acquaint the new generation with Nepal’s history about which. many had been unaware.

    Member  of Legislature parliament Gita Wagle who was in Australia at the time, also watched  the documentary.

    “The bravery of Nepalese soldiers during the campaign launched by Prithvi Narayan Shah reminds us to work for national integrity,” she said after the show.

    Spokesperson for the Non-Resident Nepalis in Australia RanjuThapa said that the film is an example of the bravery of a small group of Gorkhalis in the face of a big power. “For the benefit of the second generation Nepalese in foreign lands, the documentary needs to be made also in English,” she suggested.

    IT specialist Poonam Panta said she loved the show. “I would love to see a feature film made on the subject,” she said.

    Dentist Dr. Pinky Singh said that she liked the show very much as it had refreshed her memory of her history lessons in school.

    Dr. Anju Panday said that it reminded her of Nepal. “I would really want to visit the Nalapani battle spot,” she said.

    Mohan Manjari, who had arrived to visit her children in Australia, said that the battle has remained “Nepal’s pride as it inspires us to continue protecting our land even in the face of overwhelming odds”.

    The documentary made to mark the 200th anniversary of the famous Nalapani battle was directed by Phanindra Subba.


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