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The Constitution

  • Published on: September 20, 2017

  • editThe government observed the third anniversary of the promulgation of the new constitution on Tuesday by announcing a national holiday and a formal function was held at the Nepal Army Pavilion. However, there was lack of enthusiasm among the leaders and also the people nationwide for receiving the new constitution. It seemed, the ceremony was organized just to meet formality.To recall, along with the promulgation of the constitution, the nation witnessed violence followed by economic blockade by India. The baby constitution had to undergo major surgery immediately after promulgation of the constitution. Even after amendment of the constitution, different political parties in the Tarai region continued their agitation, which claimed lives of dozens of people.

    Although it is said that the “sovereign” people have received a constitution written by themselves, even the political leaders — except from those who are serving foreign interests of say Western interests – and also the majority of the people who have remained unorganized, are not happy with this constitution.This is the reason that again the constitution had to face amendment in the Parliament. When our Prime Minister SherBahadurDeuba was in Delhi, he had to clarify that he was for amendment of the constitution and he is going to amend the constitution by managing a two-thirds majority in the parliament.

    The present constitution has been written and imposed on the Nepali people to remove national identity, Nepali history, culture, values and religion and to promote the Western culture and values. The Western intention is to establish a factory in Nepal producing Christianity and making a stronghold in the governance through religion.A constitution is the prime law of the nation. But the law of the nation is so hazy that one cannot imagine prosperity of the nation, instead, it will invite permanent instability in the country. It is sure, none of the political parties can bag majority under this system and always there will be a coalition government, inviting political instability permanently.

    Nepal is a tiny country largely dependent on foreign grants. Such a country cannot bear the load of functioning provincial governments. Today, billions of rupees have been spent and are going to be spent in the name of three elections – local, provincial and federal parliament. If the government fails to manage foreign grant, how the system will function, the political leaders of the day have no answers. Already, in the name of functioning of the local government, the local people are facing additional tax burdens. If such a trend will continue, the daily life in Nepal will be very expensive. In conclusion, there is no sign of functioning of the constitution.Nepal is a country dominated by above 80 percent of the people having belief on Hindu religion. Through a conspiracy, the only Hindu nation in the Globe was removed. On the eve of the promulgation of the constitution, by spending billions of rupees, the Constituent Assembly had collected public remarks on the constitution. Above 80 percent of the population had opposed the modality of secularism and federalism. By neglecting the majority of the people’s mandate, the constitution was promulgated in haste, as a result, from the day of its promulgation, the constitution has fallen into controversy and yet the controversy has not been over.It is clear that the present constitution is not going to benefit the nation from all angles as it will only invite a gloomy scenario.


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