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Greater Democratic Alliance yet to finalize ticket deal

  • Published on: November 1, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    deuba-thapa-768x499Democratic alliance has not yet finalised tickets of the Terai provinces as they are still trying to forge alliance.
    However, it looks likely that the NC will not forge alliance with the RastriyaJanata Party-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal of UpendraYadav in those constituencies where the left alliance is weak.
    It was reported that possibility of alliance between the NC and the Madhes-based parties is slim as both sides claim more seats, especially in Province No.2.
    The RJP-N and the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal have, however, forged electoral alliance, and they have finalised their common candidates though they have not made the names of their candidates public.
    However, the NC and the Madhes-based parties have reached an agreement to support the top leaders of both the parties.
    According to which NC will not file its candidacy in the constituencies where the members of presidium of RJP-N contest the elections. NC has already vacated a Sunsari constituency to Ashok Rai of FSF-N. Earlier, NC had intended to let Min Bishwakarma to contest the election from Sunsri-4 but when Rai wanted to contest the poll from the same constituency, NC included Bishwakarma it the list of its PR candidates.
    Likewise, NC may not file its candidacies in the constituencies ofMahantha Thakur and RajendraMahato in Sarlahi, Sartat Singh Bhandari and MahendraYadav in Mahottari, Raj Kishor Singh in Saptari, Anil Jha in Rautahat and UpendraYadav in Siraha. Likewise, the Madhes based parties may not have their candidates in Bimalendra’s constituency-3 in Dhanusha.
    However, the Madhes-based parties and NC are likely to have their common candidates in the constituencies along the East-West Highway where the left alliance is strong.
    Meanwhile, the alliance between the NC and RPP has been at risk as NC rejected to give Jhapa constituency -3 for RPP general secretary Rajendra Lingden. Although party president Sher Bahadur Deuba was ready to give the constituency to the RPP, NC leader Krishna Sitaula opposed the decision as he has been contesting the elections from the same constituency since long.
    Now both Sitaula and Lingden will be contesting from the same constituency. Angry Lingden even announced that the alliance between the RPP and NC had ended.
    However, RPP chair Kamal Thapa has not announced end of the alliance. Instead, NC has left a Makwanpur constituency to Thapa.
    Due to the row over the number of seats, the democratic alliance has failed to finalise the common candidates in many constituencies.


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