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End of transitional phase?

  • Published on: November 9, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnLeaders are continuously saying that elections of the provincial parliament and federal parliament elections, the constitution will complete its course and “loktantra” is going to be institutionalized. The leaders are saying that the elections will end the era of chaos and the era of economic development will start. If one goes through the election manifestos of the political parties, within ten years, the country is going to be transformed from a least developed country to a prosperous nation. Should we believe on these dreams distributed by the political parties?
    One noted satirist, Chatyangmaster has recently penned a poem, “These are the people who are destroying Nepal and Nepalis”.
    “These are the very faces ruling the nation, whether there will be elections or not, it makes no difference; yesterday, they were here, today, they are here and tomorrow, they will be here”, Chatyangmaster has beautifully explained the political reality of the nation.
    The same faces, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Ramchandra Poudel, KP Oli, JN Khanal, Madhav Nepal, Pushpakamal Dahal, Barshaman Pun, Krishna Bahadur Mahara will again bag fresh mandate of the people and rule on us. These leaders are identified as most corrupt people but they are always above the law. We have already experienced their style of governance – ruling the nation turn by turn by developing a political syndicate and taking part in daylight robbery. Besides, they have recognized nepotism, favoritism, sycophancy as essential characteristics of this “loktantra”. While selecting the candidates for the upcoming elections, first priority was given to wives, sons, brothers-in-law, mafias, gangsters, commission brokers by sidelining dedicated party workers.
    This “loktantra” has established the assumption that those who have no money but strong determination to serve the nation, cannot contest the elections as they have become very, very expensive. The roadmap of the leaders is not guided by any of the political ideology but guided by the theory of spending money to get elected and earning money once elected by abusing power.
    Look at the country’s economic scenario. Our exports are overwhelmed fife times more by imports; remittance has become major source of earning foreign currency, which are not positive economic indicators. The government organs have failed to spend development budget as per the plan. The government has not been able to meet the target of investment on infrastructural projects. Therefore, we cannot see any measures to rescue our economy in the near future. On the other hand, to run the political organs, just for infrastructural management, there is the need of minimum 15 billion rupees – apart from allowances, salaries and other facilities given to the people’s representatives in local bodies, provinces and federal parliaments. It seems, the government has to seek foreign support to institutionalize this “loktantra” as internal resources cannot manage such a huge fund. Although, there were many important issues to be addressed by the parliament, it was in a hurry to provide lifelong allowances to the former VIPs ex-presidents, ex-prime ministers. Even the MPs were demanding for pension after their retirement, however, due to strong criticism from the public, the parliament had to stop this idea. In other words, politics has become money making machine rather than the service rendering mechanism to the nation and the citizens. Unfortunately, the nation is needed to feed the local body representatives, province governments and parliament representatives and central government and federal parliament representatives, which is additional burden for the nation.
    To conclude, after the federal parliament elections and provincial parliament elections, instead of institutionalization of the present “loktantra” the nation is going to face serious economic crisis as it is beyond the nation’s capacity to feed a white elephant. In other words, the nation has adopted such a political system which is run by foreign actors and it would surely spoil the nation.


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