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Left alliance to dominate province and federal parliament elections

  • Published on: November 9, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The province and federal parliament election to be held on 26 November and 10 December is going to elect 330 provincial MPs and 165 federal parliament MPs.
    In the first phase of election, 128 MPs will be elected for federal parliament and 256 MPs will be elected for the provincial parliament.
    Likewise, the second phase of elections will elect 37 MPs for federal parliament and 74 MPs for provincial parliament.
    In the recent local level elections, UML had bagged 2 million 753 thousand 119 votes. Maoist Center had 940 thousand 199 votes. If added the votes bagged by UML and Maoist Center, together, it becomes 3 million 693 thousand 318 votes.
    In the same elections, NC had bagged 2 million 658 thousand 387 votes. The votes of UML-MC alliance are more than 1 million 34 thousand 931 votes than the total votes bagged by NC.
    Under this analysis, UML leaders have calculated that in the upcoming elections the Left alliance will bag 60 percent seats in both provincial and federal parliament elections. If UML and Maoist will be able to secure the votes they had received in the local elections, the Left alliance is sure to bag simple majority in the federal parliament, however, NC and its greater Democratic alliance has to attract further votes.
    Position of the leaders:
    NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba is contesting election from Dadeldhura. Maoist leader Khagaraj Bhatta has given candidature from the Left alliance. In the last CA elections, UML had bagged 16915 votes, Maoist Center (MC) had bagged 10945 votes. RPP, partner of the Democratic alliance, had bagged only 268 votes.
    During that time Deuba had received 19523 votes and was elected CA member. After the Left alliance, Deuba is facing insecure in his own electoral constituency.
    Considering the last local elections result, the Left alliance had bagged 27860 votes whereas the democratic alliance’s votes were 19791 in total in Deuba’s electoral constituency.
    Thus, the Left alliance is ahead with 869 votes than democratic alliance in this constituency.
    KP Oli is contesting elections from No 5 constituency in Jhapa. Here also, the present Left alliance had bagged more votes than the democratic alliance. In the last local level election, the Left alliance had bagged 42143 votes whereas NC had bagged 23 thousand 25 votes and RPP had bagged 10225 votes. In this regard, Oli is a secure candidate in his constituency.
    Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” is contesting election from No 3 electoral constituency in Chitwan. In this constituency, in the local level elections, UML had bagged 27777 votes. Maoist had bagged 18138 votes whereas NC had bagged 26923 and RPP had bagged 8352 votes.
    From this constituency, RPP’s Bikram Pande is the candidate from the democratic alliance.
    From No 2 constituency in Kathmandu, Madhav Nepal has given candidature. In the past, in one election, Nepal had won whereas in another election Maoist’s Jhhaku Subedi had won.
    In the local elections, UML had bagged 19196 votes whereas Maoist had bagged 5732 votes. NC had bagged 15527 votes. On the basis of the local election’s voting pattern, in No 2 constituency also, Left alliance is ahead.
    NC’s senior leader Ramchandra Poudel is contesting elections from Tanahun No 1 constituency. In the last local elections, NC had bagged 28256 votes and its ally RPP had bagged 556 votes. On the other hand, UML had bagged 22118 votes and Maoist had bagged 7130 votes.
    In this constituency, total 28812 votes the democratic alliance had secured whereas, Left alliance had secured 29248 votes.
    NC’s general secretary Shashank Koirala is contesting elections from Nabalparashi No 2 constituency. In the local elections, Left alliance had received 34906 votes and Democratic alliance had received 35030 votes.
    UML’s secretary Yogesh Bhattarai has given candidature from Taplejung. NC’s Keshab Prasad Dahal has given candidature from this constituency. In the local election, the Left alliance had bagged 25661 votes whereas the Democratic alliance had bagged 18427 votes.
    Former minister Barshaman Pun is contesting elections from Rolpa. In the local elections, UML received 14588 votes and Maoist had received 33627 votes. Janmorcha had received 9301 votes. Left alliance had bagged total 48854 votes whereas Democratic alliance had secured 23404 votes.
    In the local elections UML had stood as the first party. It is because of its patriotic stance. UML had won in 275 local bodies whereas NC had won 227 local bodies.


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