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Parties’ election manifesto just distributing dreams

  • Published on: November 9, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    election-manifestos-NC-CPN-UML-and-CPN-Moaist-Center-768x320The political parties contesting the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and the provincial assemblies have made their election manifestos public in a bid to win the voters’ trust.
    But the manifestos appear to be nothing more than a gimmick to woo the innocent voters. The manifestos look so ambitious that they can never be realised under the present leadership of the concerned parties.
    In their manifesto the left alliance (UML and Maoist Unity-Centre) has made promise of increasing per capita income of Nepalis to Rs 500,000 within 10 years. Each Nepali earns about Rs 80,000 per annum now. Nepali Congress has targeted to increase the per capita income to Rs 150,000 in five years.
    Such growth in the per capita income demands a minimum annual increment of 20 percent from the current rate of less than 10 percent, which is unlikely to achieve.
    The NC has stated to construct five international airports in the next 10 years while the Left Alliance has promised to sail ships with Nepal’s flag in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Likewise, the left alliance has pledged to operate trains in the Kathmandu Valley in the next five years. When the leaders have failed to complete the road expansion drive within the Kathamndu Valley even in five years, people cannot believe that a government led by the same leaders can construct five new airports and railways in 10 years!
    NC’s manifesto envisages the national economy to grow in size up to Rs 10 trillion in 10 years. The manifesto of the left alliance also ensures to illuminate the country within three years by installing transmission line parallel to the Pushpalal Highway. Construction and operation of Karnali, Gandaki and Koshi corridors also figure in their manifesto.
    NC has said it would welcome foreign investment in productive sector amounting to around Rs 100 billion to 500 billion annually and reduce the population living under the poverty line to less than three percent.
    The list of such promises continues to spread false dreams among the people before the elections and the leaders will forget them once the elections are over.


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