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How patriotic are our political parties?

  • Published on: November 15, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnI went through the election manifestos of different political parties. The parties have made big talks that within five years and ten years they would make Nepal a heaven. I am confused that how will they make Nepal a heaven without safeguarding Nepal’s sovereignty! Nepal-India open borders are said to be an example of unique and excellent relations that both the countries enjoy, however, the majority of the Nepalis believe that open borders are always a threat to our sovereignty. In the EPG (Eminent Persons’ Group) meetings between the two countries, the members of the Nepali side have put forward the demand to regulate open international borders. The EPG members from the Indian side are also convinced for regulating Nepal-India open borders. They were also of the view of scrapping some articles in the 1950 Treaty. But some India newspapers, quoting Indian leaders, reported that India will never except any amendment on the 1950 Treaty and proposal of regulating open international borders. On such Indian remarks, our leaders have not made any reaction. In other words, our leaders don’t want to annoy their Indian bosses by saying some bad words which the Indians do not want to listen!

    It is clear that India wants to keep Nepal under her security umbrella by expressing her concern on security threat on her from the Nepali soil. Sure, open borders are serious security threat for both the countries – Nepal and India. Just recently, three Indians with an automatic pistol and 51 live bullets arrested from Heritage Plaza of Kamaladi in the capital showed how the armed Indian nationals posing threat to Nepal. There are countless evidences that Indians entering into Nepal with arms and killing Nepali people. In border areas, many criminals are sheltered in the Indian side and they are involved in criminal activities in the Nepali side. Indian sharp shooters are found travelling Kathmandu and disappearing safely after killing Nepali nationals during daylight. The Police have not been able to identify those Indian killers. These are the examples that how the open borders have been used by the Indian criminals in conducting their criminal activities!

    On the other hand, every time, during the security meeting between the two countries, the Indian officials have been found alleging Nepal for fake currency trafficking to India by creating serious threat to her. Furthermore, there is high chance of making Nepal a base by different international terrorist groups to carry out terrorist activities in India by taking benefit of open borders between Nepal and India. Yes, India is aware of such possibility, nevertheless, India wants to deploy her Air Marshal and install Indian immigration equipments at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) instead of shutting down the Nepal India open borders.

    Of course, there are many India paid Nepalis who strongly oppose shut-down of open borders by showing the Roti-Beti (bread and daughter) relations between Nepal and India. However, we feel that Roti-Beti relations are not important than the security threat on each other country’s sovereignty and independence.

    India, instead of thinking for deploying Air Marshal at the TIA, should become ready to shut-down borders by allowing a few trade and transit points to avoid any possible security threat and also fake currency trafficking from Nepal.

    This issue is related to Nepal and India’s security concern, unfortunately, our political parties have not given space in their election manifestos for this. Question is that are our political parties seriously concerned about security issues!


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