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Biplav targets the Maoist leaders

  • Published on: November 19, 2017

  • By Our  Reporters

    The Maoist leaders who hurled and exploded bombs, ambushed the police vehicles and the public buses and killed the innocent people and those serving in the Nepal army and the Nepal Police brutally for 10 years are now become the target of the bombs and ambushes.

    Of course, violence breeds violence has become true to the Maoist leaders who had resorted to violence in the past. The repeated attempts made to take life of Barshaman Pun, one of the influential Maoist leaders who is contesting the elections from Rolpa, is a testimony to this.

    First, efforts were made to ambush his motor. When the plan to blow his motor failed bullets were fired at him.  In three days, Pun faced to attacks. Earlier, former Home Minister Janardan Sharma was attacked in Rukum.

    In the three incidents, the CPN-Maoist led by Biplav (Netra Bikram Chand) was involved. The police arrested a few cadres, including a son of Jhakku Subedi, who is contesting the election to the House of Representatives from Kathmandu-6. They were arrested from Rolpa.

    With the increasing attacks on the Maoist leaders, security threat to many leaders has increased. The government has mobilised additional forces to provide security to the Maoist candidates.

    When Pun and Sharma have already been attacked, no one can rule out the similar attack on Maoist chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal  who is  contesting the polls from Madi area of Chitwan where the Maoists had killed 39 bus passengers in 2005.

    The Biplav-led group has boycotted the elections and Biplav had instructed his cadres to disturb the elections. The attacks on Pun and Sharma were parts of their anti-election drive.

    The Maoist leaders, who taught the youths to become violent and kill their enemies in the past, are now falling prey to their former disciples.

    The cadres of Biplav also threw a bomb targeting UML leader Sherdhan Rai in Bhojpur on Tuesday.



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