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Political Decay

  • Published on: November 28, 2017

  • editYes. Exactly a week from today Thursday the cycle of elections augured in by the promulgation of the constitution two years ago will have concluded. That is, again, if nothing crops up in between. It is actually this rider that is key to the environment of distrust prompted by the constitutional process opted for since the change of 2006 A.D. The population is out of sync with the polity. The polity is out of sync with the system. A cabal of political elites finds it completely political to force a constitution down the throats of a hapless population very much chained in dependence of goods and services to be provided by organizational monopolies sustained by the spoils of the system that is within the grips of the cabal. What has happened in fact is merely what should have happened a decade back. The interim constitution had decided to hold elections for the constituent assembly that should have drafted a constitution within two years. The haste for fast track elections is not for nothing being explained away as the implementation of the constitution. As should already have been the case a decade ago, it is designed to very hesitantly herald that the constitutional process of a republican, secular and federal state is now complete. For the likes of us, the process of political decay set in since 1990 is to demonstrate itself in its designed manifestation in this third phase much delayed by the constitution making and implementation process.
    Yes, it is political decay that is the order of the day and Francis Fukumaya should test his case here in Nepal where champions of democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law have so flagrantly violated his precepts for political order in order to sponsor political impudence of the worst kind, that which subverts the democratic practice of the vote to endorse the manipulation of popular will through unaccountable behavior. What is more, very fundamental principles of national sovereignty and non interference have been shunned aside by subverting the Nepali polity in order to attain big power objectives in the region. Manipulation of this fragile democracy have allowed the population to be shunned, popular sentiment suppressed and popular will ignored by gross select of the democratic process, its norms and values. Fukuyama’s parameters for political order thus should serve well to make definitive predictions for Nepal that political decay is now on the plate and the promise of political order so widely promised is but a chimera. Instead, having dismantled the state’s economic foundations in the first two decades of multi party democracy since 1990 and having destroyed preciously nurtured political structures in the past decade, the menu has been set now for the disorder that is designed to creep in to this hapless country. Whether it is Sino-Indian or East-West confrontation the new constitution enables domestic sentiments to be so manipulated as to make it well nigh impossible to resist politically. Competitive politics turned into political conflict inviting third party arbitration. A country and leadership that refused to learn from history by simply creating historical myths through organizational monopoly chose even to ignore that constituent assembly elections in nearby India created Pakistan and the Indian prescription of such elections created and perpetuated the Kashmir problem in our vicinity. Yes, the constitution has been ‘implemented’ through elections no doubt. But the consensus is that there is more to constitutional implementation than merely elections. The disorder and decay will now begin if the process is to be augured in.


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