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Awaiting the Aftermath

  • Published on: December 5, 2017

  • editThere is little joy in the population going to polls today. The spate of bombings, more than the vote, will have drawn public focus on the reasons behind the discord. That the vote merely masks the exclusiveness of the supposed democratic exercise of implementing a constitution has been more than underscored. Rather than conclude a chapter in constitution building, we have merely opened a chapter in conflict management. Smaller numbers at the hustings may be accounted to the whether no doubt; but, even this smaller number is not unanimous in its support of the constitution. Coming down to hardtacks, it seems the only owners of the constitution are the Congress backed ‘Loktantrik’ Forum and even their only opponent, the ‘ the Left Front” has decided that, their majority forthcoming, they will press for amendments with a presidential system in mind. In actual fact, while claiming credit for the constitutional change, none of the parties profess satisfaction with a constitution that they claim they are implementing with the vote that concludes today. By a month and half since, the government that is expected to be formed is to begin the economic revolution which they say will be possible only now that the political revolution has been formalized by the constitution under which the elections take place.
    Be that as it may, discussions on the security situation in the country now blatantly point out the virtual absence of political coherence regarding national security. In actual fact, the partisan perversions of the 1990 constitution that le to a widespread search for national reorganization bounced off the Maoists in the virtual absence of any national option. The continuing presence of terror even after a decade of international intervention, ostensibly, for peace speaks of the continuing vacuum in the search for organizational options that must be a national solution. The polarization of the ‘democrats’ and the ‘left’ alignments makes the vacuum even more clear. There is nothing in between as a national solution and much of the fault lies in a system that turns a blind eye to the continuing utility of the monarchy in cushioning and trimming the extremities of a politics where foreign elements are so much at play with contradictory interests. It is thus that one must call for a national solution much removed from a constitution that merely legitimizes the tyranny of extra-constitutionalism where political masters seek to monopolize a system through the vote. Precarious as it is, the national security situation is close to bursting at the seams. The votes over, we cannot but await the aftermath. The future remains perhaps even more uncertain than the scheme of things that prevailed before the vote.


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