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Communists to rule Nepal for at least five years

  • Published on: December 13, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    Oli DahalThe left alliance of the CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre have swept the elections to both the  House of Representatives and provincial assemblies winning over a two-thirds seats in the federal parliament under the First-Fast-The-Post elections. They have also won comfortable majority in six of the seven provincial assemblies. Only in province 2, they failed to win majority seats.

    Under the FPTP category, the left alliance won 114 seats of 160 seats, and they were leading in three other seats when this story was prepared.

    The UML won 78 seats while the CPN-Maoist Centre 36 seats of the federal parliament.  Likewise, the left alliance has won two-thirds seats in six provincial assemblies while the alliance of the Rastriya Janata Party and the Federal Socialist Alliance won majority seats in assembly of Province-2.

    The Nepali Congress has won just 21 seats in the federal parliament while it won five seats in average in the provincial assemblies with a single seat in province 6 and eight in Province -2.

    The CPN-UML is also leading under the proportionate (PR) category, however, there is not much difference between the votes garnered by the NC and UML under PR category. It seems, the left alliance will be short of a few seats to win a two-thirds majority in the central parliament, and the NC will remain a weak opposition party with about 60 seats in total in the 275-member lower House.

    Now the picture is clear, the strong federal government will be formed under UML chair K. P. Oli and the UML and the Maoist leaders will be leading the strong provincial government in six provinces.

    Both Oli and CPN-Maoist Centre boss Pushpa Kamal Dahal have reiterated their commitment to ensure political stability and economic prosperity taking the NC into confidence. Both leaders have not shown their arrogance even after they managed to win more than they have expected.

    CPN Maoist Centre chairman  Dahal  said the nationwide victory of the left alliance is both the people’s mandate and a challenge.

    Dahal said that the left alliance must ensure numerous accomplishments to address the people’s mandate and the challenges.

    According to him, efforts to unify the CPN Maoist Centre and CPN-UML would be carried out.

    “Don’t doubt, there will be unity,” he said, when asked about the proposed unity between the two communist parties.


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