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Former Maoist leaders in two different political camps: A design or by choice?

  • Published on: December 27, 2017

  • By N. P. Upadhyaya
    NP UpadhyaThe great game has already begun.
    The players are the same with the same sick mindset. However, since Kathmandu’s politics has gone through a sea change in the recent weeks and thus the play too has been taken in a new light by the blockade expert that is the Indian regime now under the control of PM Modi-the man who once bagged accolades from the entire Nepali population and is now hated by the same people, save a few Indo-pendent leaders and the media alike.
    The dangerous game being played is not only horrible one but is fraught with danger in that this game, if it is and is by all means, Nepal being distanced from the Chinese establishment which has made greater inroads not only in Nepali politics but also in the minds of the general population.
    It is this reality that has made some Delhi babus together with high flying scholars and media alike who feel that the Chinese presence in Nepal not only bodes ill for India but also makes China easier to enter into the entire South Asian region through the Kathmandu route should Nepal allow the Chinese to go their much preferred and desired way.
    India now feels that she has no political space left in Nepal, a fact now, for political maneuvering as she had been carrying out unimpeded since the beginning of the 1950s which by extension means that India would very much wish to keep Nepal in her clutches as per the most infamous Nehru doctrine.
    The efforts are in place in some dark corners of Kathmandu and Delhi.
    It is this notorious formula which by implication means that Nepal should remain always under its fake umbrella that is Indian influence.
    It is this nervousness, after the recently concluded poll results took a grand U turn or say downturn much to the chagrin of Delhi wallahs, that has caught Delhi with hazardous respiratory problems to the extent that neither the South block seated mandarins could inhale nor exhale pure oxygen smoothly in the already polluted Delhi as the things stand today.
    The real asphyxiation must have begun the moment the erratic scholars together with the Nepal’s left haters across the border saw the next Nepal Prime Minister KPS Oli flying in a chopper lad landed in the Nepali border adjoining China, Rasuwagadhi to be more precise, together with his entire high ranking UML squad wherein he made some remarks that must have annoyed India to the hilt.
    Oli was beaming then calculatingly facing south.
    PM Modi, to recall, has already extended invitation to KPS Oli for an India visit. Trickster Modi and the blockade expert have also spoken to Prachanda and Deuba separately. The telephone deception continues despite the Nepal poll results. China has acquired a mode of silence. This too must have meaning underneath.
    China is sure to help Nepal now come what may. However, the Chinese are much sober comparatively than the Indians and thus they make things done first prior to beating the drums.
    The Chinese are not “undone” experts to which the Indians are believed to have gained grand expertise.
    In the mean time, China and Pakistan to look at extending their $ 57 billion China-Pak-Afghanistan economic corridor to Afghanistan as a part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road linking China with Asia , Europe, and much beyond. This is what the Chinese FM MR. Wang Yi said this Tuesday.
    This news must jolt the Indian establishment once again.
    Recently China has been mediating in easing the Pak-Afghanistan troubled relations.
    The dilly-dallying efforts being deliberately made by the Prime Minister Deuba to handover the power to the elected new man in the hot seat that is KPS Oli could very easily be said that Deuba and his cohorts are being privately told not to vacate the seat for long citing constitutional hurdles. However, what is understood that such maneuvering tricks Deuba and his team must have learnt from New Delhi’s dark corner engineers’ and thus is the delay in the formation of a new government-a government of the people but not of the rejected ones.
    But a China panicked and frightened, New Delhi should understand that sooner than later, Deuba has to vacate the seat to be replaced by Khadga Prasad Oli-a close chum of India now turned a Beijing man presumably. The new credentials acquired by PM in waiting is India’s own blockade crime result that was imposed on Nepal so mercilessly that many a souls in Nepal still feel scared as and when they recall the ordeal that they have had to undergo during the heinous act deliberately made by India in order to “teach a lesson to Nepal” to this India tormented country peacefully situated in the lap of the Himalayas since the beginning of the civilization. But China is here to stay in Nepal. This is the Chinese mood as we have been told by some high placed sources.
    China’s subtle presence could already be felt in Nepal at the present time.
    That India is suffocating has come to the fore in a write up penned by a fake Nepal expert on Nepal, Prashant Jha, who almost cries and says, “ It was India’s inconsistent policy towards Nepal that allowed or even pushed Nepal into the laps of China. To a greater extent Jha is true that helped Nepal to rely on to a reliable neighbor that is China by all means.
    Former diplomat, Kanwal Sibbal has already wept as stated in the last issue. Similarly, Bharat Bhusan, Shyam Saran and his fraternity have already wept as regards to the present day Nepal politics which they presume has sided towards China instead of India as usual.
    But where lay the fault? In Delhi or Kathmandu?
    While the new government led by KPS Oli is yet to take a formal shape, furtive efforts are being made not to let this happen. Hopefully, Nepali posh hotels have already been occupied by New Delhi sleuths to influence or to say offer ideas to the panicked Nepali Congress’ care taker government to develop a strategy that closes the doors for the formation of Oli’s government. Rumors have it that Oli and Prachanda have been talking of late but have yet to arrive at a conclusion that satisfies both the united parties.
    While Prachanda prefers to take the command of the united party then Oli, the current chair of the UML, wants not to award this Chair to Prachanda at least for the time being for the reasons unknown. Prachanda is adamant in occupying the united Chair for good while agreeing to elevate Oli as the country’s Premier.
    The UML rank and file also has sided with Oli yet Madhav Nepal and JN Khanal wish to elevate Prachanda as the United Party’s Chairman.
    Prachanda has already brought about a fissure in the UML rank and file.
    The Left alliance is thus in trouble but this problem is a calculatedly structured one in that Prachanda who spent some good ten years in Delhi during the people’s war must have some soft corner for the country, born 1947, wherein he was awarded a secured life in order to pounce upon his own country.
    Just recall his past, modestly speaking with malice to none.
    It should be in this light be taken the inseparable ones of the bygone era, Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai, have joined two different camps: while Prachanda is in the Left alliance then Dr. Bhattarai is inside the Nepali Congress-a party generally presumed as pro-India. This must have some meaning. Time will only tell whether they, Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai, opted to chose the parties of their choices on their own or were told to remain seated in two different parties and time permitting create problems for both which ultimately annoys China.
    If alien hand is behind their current stay in two differing parties then Nepal is again in a precarious position in that such a hang about of the two senior politicos in two different parties bodes ill not only for the National politics but also to the Chinese establishment in many more ways than one which perhaps needs no further explanations.
    China though internally believes that Prachanda has some soft attitude for Beijing and also is in knowledge that Dr. Bhattarai enjoys pleasant relations with India since several decades. But since the two senior politicians of today’s Nepal are seated in two different camps may in some way or the other create problems for Beijing in the long run to the extent that China’s fresh initiatives wherein Nepal has given positive nod may finally land in trouble should the said two politicians change their friendly behaviour towards China. This may not be true but analysts have reasons to suspect the political credentials of both as the two have enjoyed Delhi’s hospitality for decades plus. The general population also believes to be so of the two politicos.
    Once again Prachanda’s insistence that he be allowed to Chair the United left alliance and the hiccups seen in the formation of a legitimate government at the center should be observed. In addition, the dilly-dallying of the caretaker government in facilitating the new regime to take a shape citing constitutional hurdles, say the national assembly should be formed first, could well be taken as the plans structured by aliens so that presumably a China preferring regime doesn’t take place in Nepal. The whole design is to frustrate China by all means possible.
    SD Muni rightly wrote that India should not make any mis-adventure in breaking the Left alliance simply because the parties in the united camp possess two diametrically opposing views and so they shall break up finally on their own. No need to worry is what Muni had written recently.
    As the things stand today, Muni is to a greater extent correct in his observations. However, he doesn’t write that if it were Delhi’s brain in sending the two NOIDA dwellers in two different camps so that New Delhi could take control of both the parties as and when the time is opportune.
    The design is to annoy China further. China though remains silent but hopefully has been closely observing Nepali political swings.
    For the road: Comrade Mohan Baidya “Kiran” and Netra Bikram Chand “Biplav” have decided to go together. How Nepali politics will be affected by this unity of the two will have to be seriously watched as Baidya is a seasoned politician and Chand is known for his high sounding revolutionary credentials. However, whether they will reside in Delhi, like the former Maoists’ leaders, and create problems for Nepal has not yet been made public.


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