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Worst days ahead

  • Published on: December 27, 2017

  • PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnThe Secretary in the Federal Affairs Management Ministry has remarked that if he relied on the elected representatives of the local bodies, federalism could fail. It is clear that the ministry which is for successful adoption of federalism, is not satisfied from the performance of the newly elected political representatives in the local government.
    The peoples’ representatives are more concerned about their personal interests and more concentrated on increasing of their own facilities. It has already been more than six months since the election of the local bodies took place, we have not been able to experience any new change.
    Of course, the local representatives have not won the election at free of cost. They had to spend huge amounts to secure their victory. Therefore, the first duty of the people’s representatives is to earn money that they had spent during the election.
    Even the Election Commission had expressed concern about the heavy expenditure by the candidates to influence elections. Now, the elections of local bodies, provinces and federal parliament have been completed and we have received leaders having fresh mandate of the people. Like the newly elected representatives of the local bodies, the people’s representatives in the provinces and also in the federal parliament will have their first priority to refund the election expenditures they have made. It will be no surprise if the people’s representatives will organize daylight robbery on the government coffers. The present lame-duck government has distributed 100 million rupees on the eve of their departure. Newspapers have reported this news, however, there is no reaction from the government authorities. Whoever be elected from whichever party, the looting style is the same. Therefore, we cannot expect better days from those faces who hold fresh people’s mandate.
    We have been frequently saying that this federalism, secularism and republicanism can do no better to this nation. We are convinced with our arguments even now. Look at the economic scenario. The nation is receiving less remittance revenue causing deficit in our balance of payment. The government is compelled to manage hundreds of billion rupees to manage federal structure. The country is facing trade deficit in a horrible manner. The fact is that the amount from our total exports cannot meet the amount for importing petro-products. The government has maintained a standard policy of importing Indian vehicles consuming petro-products. Reports state, the Kathmandu air pollution is five times worse than healthy air needed for the human beings. This may cause serious diseases for the Kathmanduities. We spend our foreign currency earned through remittance to purchase Indian currency as its demand is high. We have no plans and strategy to encourage import substituting industries. This is the trend of a failed economy which is intended to move forward a failed state.
    The political system we have adopted, or say, imposed by the foreigners will never allow us to become self-reliant, rather, this is the system imposed on us to destroy our culture and Nepali identity. Our political leaders have been used for this cause.


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