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Former King, Queen receive warm welcome in West and Far West Nepal

  • Published on: January 10, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Royal-CoupleFormer King Gyanendra and Queen Komal were greeted by the Nepali people during their recent trip to Dang, Nepalgunj and other cities of western Tarai.
    A large number of people thronged Dang and Nepalgunj to receive the former royal couple. The people chanted slogans that the king should return to the throne to save the nation wherever the former king reached.
    People of all ages and sexes queued to see the king and apprise him of the problems they and the country faced.
    Although the former King reached Dang and other cities weeks after the elections to the House of Representatives and the provincial assemblies, in which the parties of the pro-royalists had failed to win a single seat in the region, a large number of the people came to the street to greet the former King. This showed that the people were not happy with the performance of the leaders of the political parties carrying monarchial agenda, but they still preferred to the king.
    Moreover, the king drew bigger crowd in Dang where only the candidates of the left alliance had won elections in all constituencies of the district.
    The situation was no different in Nepalgunj, where he inaugurated a branch of Soaltee Hotel.
    After Nepalgunj, the former king reached Lucknow, and met with Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh State of India.
    The UP Chief Minister warmly welcomed the former king and presented gift. Chief Minister Aditya posted tweets and pictures showing the former king being honoured.
    Former king Gyanendra was accompanied by queen Komal, daughter Prerana, sister Shobha Sahi and brother-in-law Mohan Bahdaur Sahi to Lucknow.


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