• Monday 26th August 2019

Simply Put

  • Published on: January 16, 2018

  • editWhen prime minister in waiting K.P.Oli takes a medical trip to Bangkok, there are political tremors at home. Shock waves occur in Kathmandu when former king Gyanendra drops in at Lucknow after camping at Nepalgunj. There is much relief in the country when president, prime minister and a coterie of the current establishment officially observe National Unity Day. There is much unsaid anticipation at when the stipulated schedule for the implementation of the constitution due this Sunday does not yield the elected government as scheduled in the constitution the haste to implement which hastened the elections in the very first place. The election commission is blamed by the establishment for playing politics when it cites the constitutional stipulations on which its conduct cannot but be based. A medical doctor creates reverberations from the Judiciary to the Tribhuvan University demanding resignation from the Chief Justice and his own university dean. One of the paramount business beneficiaries produced by the new dispensation takes to the media alleging that a media beneficiary of the current dispensation is using the media for usury and blatantly at that. Those who remind themselves that the Indians who objected to the Chinese winning an international road building tender in the tarai now must put up with their presence at an airport building bid there or an investment promise for an industrial estate there too. More analysts are bewildered by the sudden public demand upon China for reopening the Khasa frontier post especially when the factors that allotted frugal investments in the earthquake wreaked Kodari highway and even provoked road and railway connection plans from Rasuwa now must cope with Sindhupalchok demands for a meaningful repair and use of the Kodari.
    Nepal and Nepali affairs is tumbling head over heels entangled in a mess of its own creation for which its the people and their leaders are solely to blame and none less than American President Donald Trump’s use of undiplomatic and disparaging terminology would best sum the state of Nepali affairs better and unfortunately at that. It is after all us to be blamed. But, in the Nepali case, the U.S. and the European democracies must be made to accept their share of the blame by contributing to uprooting of fundamental principles of constitutionalism and democracy in Nepal. It is they who sought to pursue their national interest by coalescing with traditional Indian interests in Nepal and it is our inept political sector that rode this wave of support to bring about upheavals in the past decades beyond this nation’s capacity to withstand. Money and muscle currently make exclusive monopolies that combine to preserve their interest in a system patently designed to serve external forces and not the internal population that must compose the nation. To do so, a gasping population must be played with further to deliver objectives foreign to our soil. And, so, the play must continue. Until the seemingly gullible people shatter this monopoly from the streets, the course is clear for our contractors.


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