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Borders must be regulated

  • Published on: January 17, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Many so-called intellectuals in the country believe that Nepal-India open borders have benefited Nepal enormously, which is a foolish argument. Keeping our borders opened is always harmful for our sovereignty and independence. For India too, from the security point of view, open borders are always dangerous.
    What benefit Nepal and India have gained except from smuggling, fake currency trafficking, criminal activities in each other’s country by keeping their borders open? Besides, there is high chance of using open borders by international terrorist organizations. Therefore, both the countries should sincerely think for regulating borders.
    Is it possible?:
    Intellectuals from both the countries describe Nepal-India relations as “special” and a relation like “Roti and Beti” (bread and daughter), therefore, they argue the borders should be kept opened. Not to forget, Indians have coined “special” relation to keep Nepal under their security umbrella. We never say we have special relations with China, even though, we have excellent relations between the two countries and we enjoy century old historical relations. Our international borders with China have never been open. This is an example that even by regulating borders, we can exercise excellent relations. Furthermore, we can curb cross-border crimes, terrorist activities and smuggling by regulating borders instead of keeping them opened.


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