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Constancy for political instability?

  • Published on: January 17, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    prachanda-and-oliAlthough the Left alliance leaders claim that they would rule the nation for five years and then it will continue to rule the nation for fifty years, it becomes difficult to believe that it would rule for five years.
    Problem in unification:
    Earlier to the elections of HoR and Province Parliament, it was a compulsion for both the UML and Maoist Center to develop an election alliance. As India was trying to corner KP Oli and UML, Oli had no option except from developing election alliance with the Maoist Center to rescue his party.
    Accordingly, Maoist Center had evaluated that it would bag hardly 10 or 11 seats in the direct election of HoR, to save the party, Maoist had no other option except from developing an election alliance. The election alliance has thus benefited both the parties, however, after the election, the Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal is seeking guarantee on his political future. Dahal wants to remain active in politics at least for 15 years. Even if he will get executive chairman of the unified party, what will happen to his politics after the unity national convention, Dahal is not sure.
    On the other hand, UML’s Madhav Nepal and Ishwor Pokhrel are thinking about becoming party chairman from the upcoming national convention. If handed over the party leadership to Dahal, they will never get chance to become the party chairman. In this regard, they will obviously play the role against party unification.
    Until now, the two supreme leaders KP Oli and Dahal have tentatively reached to the agreement for leading the government and the party turn by turn. But what will be the future of UML’s senior leaders and also second and third generation leaders in the UML and Maoist Center, both the leaders have remained silent.
    Something cooking elsewhere:
    According to sources, the Indian establishment is not happy from the Left alliance in Nepal. Therefore, they are trying their best to break the alliance. Dahal has already received the offer for becoming prime minister for five years with the support of the NC and Tarai based parties.
    The delayed process in formation of the government has given more space for conspiracy against the left unification. Day by day, PM Sher Bahadur Deuba is developing confidence on possibility of formation of non-left government. As Dahal is not a leader who is going to stand on any agreement or understanding, Deuba and Indian allies believe that they will become successful in breaking the left alliance before formation of the government.
    Considering the political scenario and delayed process for conducting National Assembly election, it seems there is no chance of formation of a government before mid-February, or say before one month. Within this one month, if the process of unification will be derailed, it would not be odd if we will not see Oli as the new prime minister. If Indians will fail in their game-plan against formation of Oli led government, at that case, Oli will be the prime minister not for two and a half years but at least, we can guarantee for one year only.


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