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Indian blockade 1989

  • Published on: February 6, 2018

    1989All of a sudden India imposed economic blockade in 1989.
    I thought this action was inhumane, immoral, undemocratic and bullying. Such act from a sovereign democratic country to another sovereign democratic country was an injustice, more injustice to a landlocked country. I wrote over hundred articles against the Indian hegemony. India Today published a long report blaming me as an
    Anti-Indian columnist. I have never written articles as anti Indian columnist; I have written on the rights of Nepal, the violation of international law and conventions, justice, morality and ethics. I am doing same till date that Indian acts are against international laws, against the law of nature, against the norms of Vedic civilization, and principle and philosophy of political science too.
    India, thus, compelled me to study all about Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). I accepted it as an opportunity for in-depth study of RAW. I came to know a lot about immoral and inhumane deeds of it. Therefore, I edited the articles and published several books. About one dozen books both in Nepali and English on RAW’s misdeeds, are published so far. Some of them are popular worldwide and come under best sellers list. Nepalis still having the Macaulay’s tendency, whites are great; their language, food and dress habits
    are great having hurdles for sharpening nationalism, which the RAW has used.
    In India, the political parties, leaders, media and intellectuals are united on the plans of RAW. These kinds of nationalism are good and positive for the nations concerned. But the great question arises why Nepali media persons, party leaders, civil servants, policemen and even intellectuals cannot unite for the sake of their nation?
    This great question hunted to my mind and I started writing.
    The RAW, details of which are discussed in other chapters, has occupied a space in the psyche of Nepalis due to its covert activities in Nepal. Its activities are conducted on politics, administration, developments to micro level from the Lazimpat based embassy. The visible and invisible sights include security matters, day to day administration, and natural resources, industrial and business issues to private independent media. It does so by using various agents in different departments, political party organisations and ethnic communities.
    The Nepalis are afraid of RAW. They do not openly raise their voice against the RAW, though it frequently harasses them.
    Many Nepalis talk about RAW. But nobody, whether it is the Kathmanduites, royalists, anti-royalists, politicians or leaders of major political parties, dare to oppose the covert onslaughts against Nepal by the RAW. No Nepali is happy with the dealings of RAW and South Desk. Nobody is happy with the 1950 tri-partied Delhi Pact
    and the Twelve-Point New Delhi pact of 2005. However, neither Members of Parliament, nor civil servants, nor commoners dare to oppose directly and timely. The government is found always mum and tolerating. Why? Therefore it has been urgent to aware people by exposing the facts. For, nation belongs to the people not to the prime minister, president, the king, the political parties or any government. Being the attitude of the people of different geographic regions and ethnic groups so narrowly unique, they are unable to guide to any government.
    The history has proven that Nepalis have sacrificed their lives for justice and they are capable of facing challenges, the hardest adventure in the world. They have earned their name and fame for their bravery in wars. They protected Nepal from being colonized.
    They always drove the British army without single fail. However, the commoners are not found dared to stand against the RAW with the exception of people of Susta and Saptari. Many nationals hide their names and addresses, for fear of being exposed to the RAW.
    Very few intellectuals dare to mention their names, once you read it, you will understand the fact. The sender hopes and asks me to do something for the restoration of Greater Nepal. The sender also expressed the belief that only the Nepal Communist Party Maoist could restore the lost territories of Nepal. He did not know Maoists were not the communist but the agent prepared by the RAW. But its strategy of fear psychosis can now be analysed after PM Dahal’s statement soon after his return from the Olympic closing ceremony there, again said he will visit India first. While going to China, he had boldly said in the TI airport, Nepal as a sovereign country, PM can visit any country he likes. Again he did a 25 point agreement with India in 2016 much worse than K.P. Bhattaria’s in 1991 and his colleague Baburam Bhattarai. Some events as mentioned below will justify why and how people are afraid of the RAW.
    (To Be Continued…)
    Excerpts from “Machination of RAW in Transitional Nepal” authored by Dr Pant.)


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