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Dura-Surwal ban in No 2 province

  • Published on: February 7, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Daura Suruwal is the identity of Nepalis. But this dress was prohibited in the assembly halls of the Province No 2, clearly suggesting that the Madhes-based parties were working against the national integrity.
    During the first meeting of the provincial assembly, the Madhes-based parties, which enjoy majority in the province announced a ban on Daura Suruwal even for the marshal inside the assembly building. The decision prevent the lawmakers and marshals from wearing daura suruwal during the meeting of the assembly has drawn flak from the public.
    However, the government made it mandatory provision for the marshals of all the Provinces to follow the dress code by wearing Daura Suruwal and Sari Cholo during assembly.
    A cabinet meeting held on Monday made the mandatory decision reiterating that the Daura Suruwal and Sari Cholo has to be worn by the government officials, including the marshals during the assembly meeting.
    The government’s decision came responding to the decision of the province 2 that they would not allow to wear the Daura Suruwal and Sari Cholo even to the marshals during the assembly meeting.


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