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Call referendum to decide on unequal treaties

  • Published on: February 28, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The recently concluded Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG) meeting between Nepal and India held in Kathmandu is learnt to have decided to submit their final report to the concerned governments regarding amendment of the unequal 1950 Treaty and other bilateral issues.
    To recall, there is no provision for amendment of the 1950 Treaty. However, any of the countries can scrap the Treaty by giving prior notice. According to reports, EPG members from both the countries are trying to impose the very unequal treaty by changing some articles in the Treaty.
    Nepal is a sovereign country and according to the political leaders of the day, Nepali people are also sovereign under the present constitution. If the people are sovereign, the government is needed to take people’s consent while endorsing or amending any of the treaties if they really represent general public.
    Therefore, as we have been deceived in the past while endorsing treaties with India, the government should call a referendum on such controversial issues, specially, on the 1950 unequal treaty, on which, time and again, questioned by none other than the Left forces in the country.
    Although the political leaders say that the Nepali people have become sovereign, people are being deceived by the political leaders who are dancing to the foreign powers’ tune. While promulgating the new constitution, the leaders imposed federal, secular republicanism, which were not the demand of the Nepali people but there was vested interest of the foreign powers, specially, westerners. Of course, Nepal is not going to be benefited from the present constitution, which is against the interests of the Nepali people.


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