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Oli becomes the all-time strongest Prime Minister of Nepal

  • Published on: March 14, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    PM-KP-Sharma-OliPrime Minister KP Sharma Oli has become the most powerful prime minister of Nepal after the democratic revolution of 1951 and the second PM to enjoy a two-thirds majority in the parliament after B. P. Koirala in 1960.
    PM Oli managed to receive three-fourths votes in the parliament when he sought vote of confidence on Sunday. He received votes of 208 of the 268 lawmakers present in the parliament meeting. Six of the 275 members of the Lower House were absent during the voting.
    He obtained votes of 121 lawmakers of his party, the CPN-UML, 53 of the CPN-Maoist Centre, 16 of the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and 16 of the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal. The Rastriya Janamorcha and Rastriya Prajatantra Party, which has one member each, and one independent member also voted for Oli.
    As many as 60 out 63 lawmakers of the Nepali Congress voted against Prime Minister Oli. Nepal Workers Peasants Party’s lawmaker Prem Suwal did not take part in the voting while Naya Shakti Party Nepal’s coordinator and lawmaker Dr. Baburam Bhattarai was absent.
    As the first elected Prime Minister of Nepal, BP Koirala had secured 68 per cent of the total votes in the parliament in 1960.
    However, this time three-fourths (75.68 per cent) lawmakers expressed their trust in favour of Prime Minister Oli, making him the most powerful Prime Minister in the political history of Nepal in terms of numerical strength in the parliament.
    Extending thanks to the lawmakers voted for him, Oli said that democracy would not be at risk at any cost.
    “I am not the Prime Minister of the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre alone but of Nepal.  I will work focusing on the country and the people,” he said.
    However, the overwhelming support received by Prime Minister Oli is likely to put democracy at risk as he might tread the path of a dictator by taking decisions in the support of the lawmakers.
    When the Madhes-based parties have almost decided to join the government, Oli will be enjoying a two-thirds majority, which will be enough to take any decisions and even to amend the Constitution.


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