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Loosing Nepali Identity?

  • Published on: March 21, 2018

  • editThere is no doubt that the new constitution was drafted by the political leaders under the instruction of the foreign powers, specially, by those who are campaigning for Christianity in Nepal.
    Already, it has been proved that this constitution and governance mechanism is not going to benefit the nation and citizens, however, those political leaders and their party activists are going to be benefited from the present political structure. The government is facing serious financial crunch and the central bank has issued bonds by paying the interest rate of 9 percent (which is highest ever in the history of the country). Introduction of 754 local bodies, seven provinces and federal structure have become so expensive for the nation that the nation is in the need of loan/funding from the Western countries to “successfully” implement the constitution and “successful” function of the provincial governments. Not an odd, from the President, Prime Minister to the chairman of the Ward Committee receive salary every month. In this way, the country is taking burden of thousands of political leaders and workers. Large portion of the budget amount is going to be spent in feeding of the political leaders/workers or say people’s representatives and also to the civil servicemen and there left small portion of the budget for development projects. In such a bleak scenario, talking about political stability and economic prosperity seems impossible.
    The leaders in the government are thinking about lending money from foreign countries for political stability and economic prosperity, perhaps, they might have not thought that along with money, foreigners or donors will put their own terms and conditions to function this “loktantra’. Not to forget, one envoy from the United Kingdom stationed in Kathmandu had written an article demanding the right to conversion of religion for the Nepali citizens. May be, when the country will face scarcity of fund, it will be a compulsion for the government to obey the donors’ instruction even by removing our culture, tradition and values based on Eastern civilization. This will obviously create a question that whether we will remain sovereign Nepali with our unique identity in the globe! Let the political leaders in power think!


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