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Myth drives the truth

  • Published on: March 21, 2018

    Shastra Dutta PantaI realized that the making others understand the truth is difficult job. Applying an innovative, new and dynamic idea, however excellent, is not easily accepted, the authorities concerned do not understood. It is very difficult to translate the society like ours. I started a campaign for constructing toilet in each home in 1950s, I was vigorously criticized which is now so comfort and positive. The suddhata, pabitrata/purity and holy cleaning is a great science in oriental way of life. In those days eating meal without taking bath, washing hands, legs and changing clean cloths was considered rudimentary. Now there is great campaign by the government for
    haatdhune or hand wash skills. So are suddha cooking, suddha farming sciences and technologies still ignoring in the society. The society is habituated to use the readymade things made by the alien, wear readymade dress, eat processed food and enjoy the imported music club system and so on. The Macaulay’s education system and the influence of East India Company has set the mind of the educationalist/intellectual so strong that they do not hesitate ignoring their parents. Recently I examined a Ph.D thesis on Buddha Philosophy. There are ample materials in Nepal, not found in the other world, but the student has used almost all secondhand materials prepared by the westerners in English. The students also want Ph.D degree imported easy and readymade; they do not like to be a diligent, a tapassi, a devotee on certain area.
    It is to note that as every individual has different face structure and different voice not matching any other, so is landscape and geographical structure. Geography makes the residents of different habit and the habit forms the different culture. Different culture demands the different type of political, administrative and educational system, planning and economic development processes.
    None of the politician/political worker likes to spare some time on innovated a new development model ‘Vyavasthit Vasti & Development Model, specially designed for Nepal, on the basis of decades long research theoretically and practically. So was done for water, forest, Himal, agriculture and tourist resources on the principles of sarbangin (holistic) development. The government and the National Planning Commission (NPC) are working under the guide of the aliens. The alien researchers on my principle got great awards and the authorities concerned turn deaf ear on new innovative things. The fact is that Nepal is falling down because of dependent psychology.
    All the books, articles and seminar papers, whatever are written by me, they are primarily concentrated on how to save Nepal’s sovereignty and independency forever. And secondarily, how to make Nepal a top developed country both materially and spiritually in the world. The books are also for making Nepalis top ideals and moral.
    The books such as Vyavasthit Vasti, Himali Rastriya Nikunj, Paryatan Vikash, Water Politics on Nepal’s Fresh Water, Krishi Van Ra Jalsrot,
    Rastriya Mool Neeti, Vardhakya Jeeva Bodh, Paurastya Shasan Paddhati and books on Dharma are for the materialistic and spiritual development at a time. They are based on fundamental bases of
    Dharma without any bias.
    In search of a man
    My campaign is to propagate and prove for independent, undivided sovereign Nepal in politics and top of the world in every sphere of lives as the epicenter of the first foremost scientific oriental civilization and culture.
    The developing nations cannot reach to the level of the developed ones or ahead of them merely by importing the readymade ideas/principles/systems developed by the aliens of different culture and civilization. The books by me are concentrated on how to save Nepal and making Nepal a prosperous country. These books tell discouraging blind adoption of the imported ones and encourage finding out long term path of its own as per the need of the land, its resources and capacity of the people. It is possible only when Nepal is ruled by the people, of the people and for the people without any outer influence. Hence, I am in search of a man that can lead the nation honestly.
    All these things are not my personal assumptions. They all are research based. The logics and analyses are mine. There is not any relation with any other individual, institution or government of Nepal. Nepal cannot merely survive without united voice and right action guided by the people. Unless people understand the fact and are aware that they are not united. By the time they unite party leaders, merely the agents not the philosophers, will spoil the country politically, economically and culturally. Thus these books are for the people, who are purely diligent and nationalists, waiting for a prosperous and well secured Nepal. They want to top the world.
    The books will aware people now and the generation to come.
    As these exemplary incidents stated above, prove therefore, we need to have radical changes into indo-subservient and colonial minds. Otherwise promotion of nationalism, national integrity and national unity and prosperity of the nation is not possible. These are the prerequisite for the prosperous Nepal and also are to be enhancing to new generations through educational improvements.
    Every one of us has to be vigilant about those alien forces, as they could jeopardize national unity, independence, natural resources and all-round national development. A benevolent adhyatma neta
    (a spiritual dynamic leader) is the need of the time.
    Nepal has no enemy all over the world. Nepal can have friendly relations and deals with all the nations. Therefore, we, the Nepalis have to constitute our political, economical, religious policies and our social norms and values on our own, we should not be depend on foreigners. We must not tolerate foreign pressures and interference in any form. For that national consensus and unity is a must. All intellectuals, mass media and political workers have to be genuinely and unitedly dedicated for the cause of the nation and not for their own interest.
    (Excerpts from the book “Machination of RAW in Transitional Nepal” authored by Prof. Dr. Shastra Dutta Pant.)


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