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Not an odd at all

  • Published on: March 21, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    Last week, the fuel transporters in the East Nepal launched strike as a protest against the Nepal Oil Corporation’s decision to lock-up tankers carrying fuel. It is clear to understand that the fuel transporters were involved in manipulation of the fuel quantity. When NOC wanted to curb such a practice, the transporters decided to launch strike. However, after an agreement for increasing drivers’ salary, the strike was called off.
    In Banepa, NC leaders and workers launched demonstration demanding release of gangster Ganesh Lama, who was arrested by the police on the charge of carrying a pistol illegally.
    Although, the government has not confirmed officially, reports are appeared in media that after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli agreed to release Resham Chaudhari, the main accused in Tikapur incident, who was under the Police custody and had launched fast onto death demanding his release, he had ended his hunger strike by drinking juice from Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa. According to reports, the government is planning to organize Chaudhari’s oath as the member of parliament inside the Police custody. Can a person, who is accused for murder of innocent people, be the lawmaker even by overlapping the court, where the case is still under consideration!
    Interesting argument that was presented by FSF chairman Upendra Yadav that if Chaudhari’s case is to be finalized by the court, should not Pushpakamal Dahal and others who were involved in bloody “people’s war” face the court case?
    More surprisingly, Gopal Parajuli, chief justice at the Supreme Court received his termination letter from Nripdhoj Niraula, secretary of the Judicial Council. Can a secretary write a letter to the Chief Justice, it is a serious question. This scribe doesn’t mean that Parajuli is a clean person, however, by violating natural practice, Deepak Raj Joshi, senior most justice at the Supreme Court proclaimed himself as the acting chief justice. The Supreme Court justices were divided on the issue of Parajuli, in the meantime, President Vidya Bhandari took oath of office from the very controversial chief justice upon her re-election to the post of the President! When we see such abnormalities at the Supreme Court, where should we go for justice, this is a burning question.
    Political leaders are not above the law of the nation and democracy is abided by law. None of the citizens can violate the law. Unfortunately, in this “new” Nepal, everybody, including the Supreme Court, is trying to define the law on their own.
    Corruption has badly ruined the country. The main root of corruption is top ranking political leaders. These days, PM Oli is saying that he will maintain zero tolerance against corruption practices. Then, will he be able to initiate investigation against those top-ranking political leaders, including the Maoist leaders who are alleged for misusing government fund? Yes, we know the financial position of those leaders who were in streets in slippers. Overnight, they have become multibillionaire. How it come?
    PM Oli is the very leader who had instructed his party cadres to register impeachment motion against the then CIAA chief Lokman Singh Karki when the latter was said to be preparing a net to capture “big fishes”. Overnight, by producing fake signatures, an impeachment motion was registered against the then CIAA chief in the parliament. If top-ranking political leaders were clean, why they became hurry to file impeachment motion against Singh, we are yet to receive proper justification from the political leaders. Can we imagine about zero tolerance against corruption by weakening corruption probe body?


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