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Attacks on our identity

  • Published on: April 4, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    The EU has shown its real appearance. What the Westerners want, this has been reflected in the EU statement. EU has invested a huge amount of Euro to destroy our culture, values and identity. Those traitors who are concerned about their own lifestyle and their families’ future have already sold us to the EU. As a gift, we have received the present constitution. The aim of this constitution is to destroy Nepal and Nepalis’ glorious history.
    EU is very active inside the government as well as in many sectors. Currently, EU is organizing a workshop at the Himalayan Hotel in Kupondole, Lalitpur. The goal of this workshop is to destroy our ethnic harmony. Those instructors have gathered Taraibased leaders and teaching them about their culture, traditions provoking them for launching agitation to achieve their rights. They have separated hill people and tarai people.
    Different INGOs/NGOs are freely campaigning for Christianity and they are openly involved in conversion of religion. Furthermore, they are active in destroying our language and our broadsheet dailies, FM radios and television channels are involved in serving the EU interests. The Westerners have become successful to cut down our religious holidays by replacing them with the Christian holidays and those political leaders including the Maoist and UML ministers and prime minister are instrumental in doing so.
    Say the “people’s war” or April uprising in 2005 or Madhesh unrest, they all were sponsored either by our Southern neighbor or by the Westerners. Patron of Hindu religion and symbol of national unity – the Royal institution — was demolished to pave the way to Christianize Nepal, a traditionally Hindu Kingdom. Sure, they know, without creating political instability and without making Nepal a poor nation, it was impossible to accomplish their mission. Therefore, to divide and make weak our nationalism, federalism was introduced. After the country was declared secular, voices for the rightsof cow slaughtering have been raised. Even by knowing all these conspiracies against us, we have become silent spectator. We are divided on the issue of religion; we, the forces who are for restoration of the institution of monarchy, are divided and thus we are weak and thus the Westerners have ensured their victory.
    These are not the final episode. If we, the Hindus and the Nepalis, who want prosperity of their own culture and values fail to stand united, it is sure, we are to face more troubled in days to come.
    The present KP Sharma Oli led government is giving patriotic slogans by making fool to the patriotic Nepalis, in fact, its remote control is under the grip of the Westerners. Both the UML and Maoist Center are under the strong grip of these INGOs/NGOs run by the Westerners. The Pyakurel brothers are in the President’s Office and also in the PM’s Office. Those NGO leaders who were organizing seminar sponsored by some European countries on national security by inviting the then defence minister VidyaBhandaryand by involving the then defence secretary and sitting Nepal Army generals are the advisors of the prime minister. Yes, we know, the person who is known as NGO Mafia, is the ambassador to the USA. Having those people actively involved in the government, what can we expect from the government?
    PM Oli made a strong reaction and asked the EU to remove those objectionable words from the report. In response, the EU election observation team clearly said that it would not remove those objectionable words. How could a foreigners’ team challenge the executive chief of a sovereign nation! Can PM Oli take action to the foreigners’ team, which has tried to dictate this “powerful” and “sovereign” government?
    If the government is really powerful and patriotic, it should be able suspend all the INGOs and NGOs in the country and it should be able to say persona non grata to those controversial diplomats.


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