• Thursday 2nd April 2020

‘Maoist will end up’

  • Published on: April 17, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 17 April: Liquor entrepreneur and Manager of Surya Nepal Rabi KC has claimed that Maoist will end up sooner or later and the fate of federalism would be the same.

    His claim is based on the illegal activities of Maoist Center leaders’ rampant involvement in abduction, corruption and extortion. Home Minister of Province 3 Salikram Jamarkattel collects funds by transferring police constables and other junior security personnel, reports Sanghu vernacular weekly.

    Prachand, fed-up of Jamarkattel’s such activities, transferred him to province 3. The corrupt leaders like Jamarkattel and Sharad Dulal have tarnished the image of already maculated epitome of Maosit.

    People’s News Monitoring Service



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