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MPs be aware!

  • Published on: April 17, 2018

  • Kathmandu, April 17: The House of Representatives, Regulations Drafting Committee is doing homework to incorporate in the regulation the provision on automatic suspension of the post of Member of Parliament if a criminal case is filed against the MP or if the lawmaker is taken into custody for investigation.

    Committee coordinator Krishna Bhakta Pokharel, speaking at a programme organised in capital said provision is being made in the law in which the MP’s post would be automatically suspended if the lawmaker is serving term in prison after being convicted in a case filed against him/her in the past. He said provision is being made in the law for lifting the suspension if the court gives ‘innocent’ verdict to the MP against whom the case has been filed and for relieving the MP from the post if the court pronounces a ‘guilty’ verdict. Pokharel said in case an MP is relieved of his/her post, a re-election would be held in the particular constituency from where the MP who has been relieved of the post was elected.

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