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No citizenship to Dhirendra’s daughter

  • Published on: April 17, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 18 April: Former prince Dhirendra Shah’s daughter Shreya Rajya Laxmi Shah has been deprived of Nepali citizenship, reports Ghatana Ra Bichar vernacular weekly.

    30 years old former member of the then royal family, Shreya Rajya Laxmi Shah has made sentimental expression: “I was born as a Nepali, I want to live and die as a Nepali. My own country is trying to deprive me of citizenship. Where should I go to seek justice?,”

    Such an expression has made every reader emotive. Her mother Jaya Pandey had married ex-prince Shah in 1987 in Dakshinkali Temple. This love-marriage was kept secret from the fear of queen Aishwarya.

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