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China for early unification

  • Published on: April 19, 2018

  • Kathmandu 20 April: Chinese intellectuals, academia and former diplomats have underscored on early unification of two major communist parties of Nepal. Interacting with visiting Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali in Bejing on Thursday, the members of Chinese think tank encouraged on unification of CPN-UML and CPN-MC at the earliest without wasting any time, reports Kantipur daily from Beijing.

    In a program organized by China Reform Forum, the Chinese intellects expressed grave concern over the unwarranted activities by some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in subsisting cordial relations between China and Nepal. Some of the NGOs have consistently tried to jeopardize social harmony and friendliness among the Nepali people.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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