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Again, TIA is closed

  • Published on: April 20, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 20 April, for the second time, country’s only international airport has remained closed for hours after the Malden Air aircraft went out of runway while taking off.

    TIA has remained closed since the incident took place at 9.45 PM on Thursday.

    The aircraft, bound to Malaysia, was carrying 133 passengers, fortunately, all including the crew members are safe. Efforts to keep aside the aircraft to resume the international flights are on, according to the TIA officials.

    All international flights were diverted on Thursday evening and Friday morning flights were cancelled due to closure of the airport.

    The civil aviation authorities, Tourism Ministry and other concerned government agencies should take closure of the only international airport as serious and sensitive issue. The airport should be equipped with modern sophisticated emergency equipments, say observers. Reports state that the international airport is even lacking petroleum refueling tankers causing delay of international flights for hours. Accordingly, during the accident of a private sector Bangladeshi aircraft in the recent past, due to lack of aircraft body cutter, axe was used to break the doors of the aircraft by the rescue troupes deployed at the TIA.
    To recall, after the Turkish Air aircraft met an accident at the time of landing, it took several days to clear the runway causing cancellation of all international flights.

    As TIA and the government didn’t try to learn lesson from that accident, again, TIA has remained closed.

    As an alternative measures, fast-track roads have to constructed connecting Kathmandu to Pokhara and Bhairahawa where international airports are under construction.

    Similarly, Nijgadh airport has to be constructed through a fast-track procedure, say aviation experts.

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