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‘Modi is not friend of Nepal’

  • Published on: April 30, 2018

  • Kathandu, 30 April:Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal) a small communist party in the country that has been consistently raising voices against the newly adopted federal system says the Nepal government should not welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he is not a friend of Nepal.

    The statement of veteran leader Mohan Bikram Singh-led party comes 11 days before Modi is scheduled to land in Kathmandu on a state visit, reports Online Khabar.

    The party says welcoming Modi will be against national interests, independence and dignity as he was involved in many activities against Nepal’s sovereignty including the 2015 blockade and international campaigning against the country’s constitution before and after its promulgation.

    “No way is Modi a friend of Nepal. Therefore, we will strongly protest Modi’s welcome by the government or any non-government agencies,” the statement reads, adding his next visit to Nepal is also another step of his expansionist policy.

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