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Indian MP’s objectionable remarks condemned

  • Published on: May 12, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 12 May: Coinciding Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Janakpur, Indian Lok Sabha member from BJP, Kirti Aajad had twitted to annex Janakpur area into India.

    Although senior leaders have remained silent on such objectionable twit, RPP chairman Kamal Thapa has strongly condemned such a remark by an Indian MP.

    Thapa, in a twit, has strongly condemned Aajad’s remarks saying that it is against Nepal’s sovereignty and indivisibility.

    Nepali Congress vice president Bimalendra Nidhi has also condemned Aajad’s remark saying that Aajad was the enemy of No 2 province, Madhesh and entire Nepal as his remark is threat to indivisibility for both the nations.

    Nidhi has urged to protest such remarks by all the Nepalis.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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