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Sriniwas Acharya victim of conspiracy?

  • Published on: May 13, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 13 May: Nobody is allowed to meet Sriniwas Acharya, who is under the police custody in Biratnagar. The police had arrested him on the charge of developing a plot by himself for opening fire on him by provoking his own security guard.

    Police has claimed that Acharya had developed such a plan to destroy religious harmony and create bloody violence to restore Nepal a Hindu nation.

    So far, sources say that Acharya is innocent and he has become victim of propaganda created by some Christian mercenaries having stronghold in the government.

    A source said that Acharya is innocent and he wants to speak to the press about the conspiracy created against him. The very source said that Acharya has staged fast onto death and his health condition is very serious.

    To recall, Acharya was shot at and seriously injured. After undergoing treatment at a Biratnagar hospital, Aacharya was going to India for further treatment. In the mean time, he was arrested by the Police from the Tribhuvan International Airport.

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