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Rajendra Khetan faces fraud charge

  • Published on: May 15, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 15 May: The board of directors of the Prime Life Insurance Co. Ltd is facing fraud case at the Court.

    A fraud case has been filed at the Kathmandu District Court against the then board of directors – Rajendra Khetan, Ratanlal Sanghai, Gopikrishna Sikariya, Suman Joshi, Chandra Prakash Khetan.

    Accordingly, the same case has been filed against the then chief executive officer Manoj Kumar Bhattarai, Company secretary Rajan Prasad Adhikari, reports Drishti vernacular weekly.

    The story behind:

    Three years ago, World Wage Manpower Company had sent 18 youths to Malaysia for foreign job. In accordance to the compulsory insurance policy for the employees, Company agent Prakash Regmi had issued insurance letter by taking necessary fees. Among those who had gone to Malaysia, Gokarna Bidari died.

    When family members of the deceased claimed the insurance amount, it was disclosed that there was no insurance policy on Bidari. Then the family members went to the concerned manpower company and the company talked to agent Regmi. Regmi claimed that he had received insurance documents from the insurance company by paying all the fees.

    The Metropolis Police, Kalimati arrested to Regmi and started investigation on the insurance policy document issued by the Insurance Company.

    When the Police wrote a letter to the Insurance Company stating that whether the insurance policy document was genuine or fake, the company, to escape unnecessary problems, wrote a letter stating that the Company had done insurance of those who had gone to Malaysia.

    This has proved that the Company had not paid insurance amount even after taking necessary fees. Therefore, the Police has registered a fraud case against the Insurance Company officials.

    The Insurance Company officials had tried to settle down the issue by influencing the government advocates. When this mission failed, now, they are trying to influence the Court, reports Drishti weekly.

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