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Rishi prepares for ‘Bir Bahadur’

  • Published on: May 16, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Rishi Neupane, a renowned director in Nepalese Film Industry, is preparing to direct his 34th film ‘Bir Bahadur’.
    Neupane, who has been involved in film sector since 2001, has already directed nearly three dozen films including ‘Dui Mutuko’, ‘Khalanayak’, ‘Lale’, ‘Mero Rajesh Dai’, ‘Jaal’, ‘Bhabishya’, ‘Doon’, ‘Dhanwan’, along others. Films including ‘Khalanayak’, ‘Takkar’, ‘Dui Mutu’, ‘Doon’ are the most success films recording 51 days of professional show.
    Neupane is one of the directors who made large numbers of films within short time. He is known as responsive director in the Nepalese cinema industry and can lead and direct his unit in easy and friendly manner.
    Neupane was born in Gaidakot, Nawalparasi. He has completed secondary school level from Janak Secondary School of his locality and Intermediate level from Narayanghadh based Balkumari Campus. He has also achieved the Diploma of Direction in Film Studies from National Film Studio, the Nepal’s first filmy college. He commits to contribute this sector for lifetime.


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