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CPN may split soon: Bijukche

  • Published on: May 20, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 20 May: Narayanman Bijukche, chairman, Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party, has said that unification between UML and Maoist Center is not based on ideology but based on sharing of power, therefore, unification between the two parties may not go longer.

    Speaking at the Rafat Sanchar Club in Bhaktapur, Bijukche said that although the leaders have claimed that the Nepal Communist Party has become the third largest party in Asia, it is baseless, reports Nepal Samacharpatra daily.

    Bijukche alleged that the present government is run by contractors, brokers, gundas and black marketers and those leaders in power are engaged in refunding election expenditure that they had done. Therefore, the present government will not be able to work for betterment of the nation and people.

    The government has adopted the very tradition of feeding own workers, therefore, the government cannot work for the nation and people, Bijukche said.

    Bijukche also alleged that the present government is performing autocratic manner and goondaraj has been witnessed in the country.
    In the past, the government heads used to go to India to sell Nepali rivers. Presently, the government has demonstrated its intention by inviting Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to Kathmandu and handed over the key of Arun 3 project, Bijukche blamed.

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