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Unification only for power sharing

  • Published on: May 23, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    Chairmen of the newly unified Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) [underline], KP Sharma Oli and Pushpakamal Dahal are sharing much joy after the “historical” unification of the Unified Marxist and Leninist party and the Maoist Center. Understandably, from now onward, Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao are limited within the signboard and letterhead of the newly born party as the leaders have formulated a new doctrine called “socialism”. What could be the definition of socialism that was finalized in the one-on-one meetings between Oli and Dahal, it is hard to say. Until a firm assurance from Oli that Dahal would become the next prime minister after the unification national convention of the CPN to be held within two or three years and that Oli would also play a supportive role to ensure victory of Dahal as the chairman of the CPN, nothing was sure of this political development. Oli has developed this formula of “socialism” to bring Dahal in the new party. In this way, Oli has ensured his position as the prime minister at least for two to three years and Dahal is happy in being the prime minister in waiting and chairman of the CPN as well.
    These two arch rivals during the Maoist launched “people’s war”, have now become partners in sharing power. Unfortunately, above 17 thousand people lost their lives due to denial for formulating power sharing plan by both the leaders in 1996 pushing the Maoists for launching the “people’s war”. This was most unfortunate for the country and hundreds of thousand of people who were troubled and displaced. If the UML had accepted an election alliance proposed by the Maoists in the midterm polls in 1994, there could be representation of the Maoist party in the then parliament. If the UML had allowed the Nepal Electricity Authority wall at Ratna Park in Kathmandu to be used for writing of Maoist slogans, a confrontation between the UML and the Maoist (having strength of hardly 150 youths that time) could have been avoided. UML cadres had pelted stones at the Maoist cadres compelling them to run away from Bagbazar to Bhadrakali, and finally launching an armed insurgency in the country.
    Since the Maoists launched the “people’s war” and went underground, many innocent UML cadres became victims of the Maoists. At least they could have been saved if both the leaderships had developed the plan of sharing the power turn by turn!
    After all, the revolutionary slogans of total transformation of the society and establishing a people’s proletariat, were just aimed at negotiations between Oli and Dahal during the one-on-one meetings!
    The Royal British Weeding:
    Some mainstream Nepali media, which claim of their important role in the removal of the institution of monarchy followed by introduction of republicanism, are still found very conservative in giving little space to the social activities of the former Royal family in the country, but these very media were found giving a wide range of coverage along with the photographs on the wedding reports of a member of the British Royal family! What has inspired them to do this? Read a status of a friend in FB saying that those so-called reputed media groups, including comedians Madan Krishna and Haribansha, were actually receiving huge amounts of regular funding from some Western agencies. May be, we have to “connect the dots” to find the truth and the loyalty of our media towards foreign royal members.
    Of course, the present secularism, federalism and republicanism are the gift of our Western friends, not to make Nepal a prosperous country but to destroy Nepali identity. Nepali federalism is the system giving employment to the political leaders from the government coffer, which could be used for infrastructural development. Furthermore, the government, while presenting budget for the new fiscal year, is planning to increase/impose taxes on the commoners just to feed such corrupt political workers. Now, it is the time to experience “beauty” of federalism for the commoners!


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