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Burden of debt rising

  • Published on: May 27, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 28 May : Each Nepali carries a debt burden of around Rs 29,000, the government’s economic survey data says,  media report citing the national survey.

    The national economic survey presented in Parliament on Sunday showed that the amount increased by Rs 4,000 and reached Rs 29,000 in the current fiscal year. Minister for Finance Yubaraj Khatiwada presented the survey data before lawmakers this afternoon.

    The amount was Rs 24,270 last year and has increased by Rs 4,694 this year. The amount is 19.3 per cent more than the last fiscal year.It has been learnt that the amount surged due to increase in mobilization of internal debt.

    In the first eight months of current fiscal year, the debt amount reached Rs 843 billion. The ratio between the domestic debt and foreign debt has reached 46.1:53.9.

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