• Sunday 18th August 2019

Gold Smuggler Gore may drag top politicians and police officers in the scam

  • Published on: May 30, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The police that had expected to end the network of gold smugglers after the arrest of Chuda Mani Uprety alias Gore, failed to leak much needed information. Instead Gore was proved to be a mere leaders of the carriers of the smuggled gold to by setting police offices and staff of the theTribhuvan International Airport up.
    However, he admitted that SSP ShyamKhatri who is on the run was a key person for the increasing cases of gold smuggling. He told the court that it would receive all information about the network of gold smuggler if Khatri was arrested.
    Although the members of the prove committee have claimed that Gore leaked names of a few police officers and politicians, their names were not made public. Instead, Gore said he had no connection with a few police officers who are now in custody on the same case.
    It seems, the case of gold smuggling is becoming tricky and the it will take more time to reach the root of the smugglers if the officials at the Home Ministry have a will power to make the crack-down on the smugglers a success.


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