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Who will take action against Sharada Adhikari?

  • Published on: May 30, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has given strict instructions to the district administrators to arrest the construction contractors who have delayed construction works and also those who have used inferior quality materials in the construction works. Some district administrators have taken action against such wrong doers, but do they have the courage to arrest SharadaAdhikari, owner of the house where CPN chairman PushpakamalDahal is residing?
    Adhikari is the proprietor of the Shailung Construction Company. This company was rewarded for improving the Kalanki-Nagdhunga road seven years ago with the commitment of completing the project within two years. In this eight billion rupees construction contract, until now, even 10 percent of work has not been finished. But there is no courage of the Home Minister to take action against him.
    Tarun vernacular weekly has raised the question whether the Home Minister’s order is just to give trouble to those construction contractors who have not given financial support to the UML-Maoist alliance!
    Who is SaradaAdhikari?:
    SharadaAdhikari is the person who had played a key role in the unification of the UML and Maoist Center. Adhikari had managed all the expenses needed during the unification process. In the process of unification, Dahal was in need of 10 billion rupees. This amount was managed by Adhikari, reports Tarun weekly.
    Adhikari, who was very poor person before, has now emerged as a rich person overnight. It is said that Adhikari is using Dahal’s money in his business.
    PushpakamalDahal is residing at Adhikari’s house free of cost.


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