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Invite Indian army to teach a lesson to King Birendra

  • Published on: June 6, 2018

  • (Chaurasi ki Na-Insafi….)
    N. P. Upadhyaya
    Kathmandu: Senior UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal is silent these days more so after the grand dissolution of the former namesake Maoists party into yet another communist paraphernalia to which it is not. Neither it was prior to the, or whatever it is.
    The party of the proletariats, read the former UML, is a political corporation whose leaders even at the individual levels were tentatively as good as a first class commercial banks with adequate liquidity.
    The difference albeit is that the Commercial Banks have their establishment in the main roads of the city, however, the UML leaders’ possess their banks in the form of several bungalows, landed properties at several places across the country, plus ornaments to the tune of kilos or even, observers doubt, quintals.
    The International Airport customs is almost free for those who wish to do gold business. It appears so though with malice to none.
    Very interestingly and more surprisingly these communist leaders while declaring the possession of their assets very courageously claim that the wealth have come to their door steps from their consort’s maternal family.
    What a funny idea?:
    Even the poorest of the poor communist in Nepal has some kilos of gold or for that matter silver metal with them. This applies to the Nepali Congress party as well.
    Well and fine. However, the fact is that some of the communist leaders who have now name and fame and to a greater extent control over the national politics or even have the strength to swing the country’s politics in one of their preferred neighbors, generally in service of the southern one, must have been at the center stage of the gold smuggling business that apparently has rocked the nation immediately after the two communist parties have unified. Though it could be a conjecture, however, never ever such a haul had been detected or come to light as the one that has come to public.
    The southern slant of our communist leaders in politics thus only becomes natural in that as a human being after all, they too have kids who demand higher education and quality schools or colleges like Delhi’s JNU, and AIMS and many more.
    If a small favor made to the Indian establishment by ignoring Nepal’s national interests is the guarantee for the kids to get proper and free education in reputed schools or for that matter colleges in India then why not? One would definitely give it a try. Thus the practice goes on and on.
    Thanks most of the kids of the senior leaders of this new Nepal have studied in India. India deserves deep appreciation in having provided such opportunities to a selected and preferred ones. Great are the kids of great leaders of new Nepal. But is this really a magnanimity exhibited by India towards Nepali leaders? If so then at what cost? What we the Nepali nationals have paid for educating the high flying kids? Must not have been a free lunch? Recall what JN Dixit had said in his “My South Block Years” book that “In Nepal’s case, there is no free lunch”.
    Add to this the free health checkup and seeking refuge phenomenon that has been continuing since decades and decades. This is taken as a bonus for the leaders in Delhi who control Nepal and its affairs. Thanks most of the control Nepal jobs are now being accomplished by the Indian ambassador posted to Nepal level. Delhi has nothing to worry. Indian embassy in Nepal micro-manages Nepal these days. All put together, our politics begins and ends up with Delhi. The limit has thus been set. Delhi is Nepal’s world.
    King Tribhuvan set the precedence in the 50s and since then it has become almost a rule to obey to the dictates of former British colony. Sorry Mother Nepal!
    The Maoists party waged a people’s war against Nepal, or whatever that it was called, which began from domestic “revolutionaries” being flanked by the intensive and also the extensive Delhi’s care units and the so-called war also ended up with the Delhi unwarranted mediation through the most electrifying 12 point agreement that was sheepishly enough to dismantle the old institutions of Nepal, and it did so in fact, and allowed the greater “say” of Delhi in Nepali affairs.
    Late Koirala brought Delhi in Kathmandu then and our illustrious leader from all sections of political spectrum greeted Delhi’s entrance into our body politic to which Madhab Nepal, among the crowd of many, remained silent. Internally he may have been beaming. A guess work only with malice to none.
    Delhi entered thus into the very real politic of Nepal that too under special invitation from Late Koirala and Maoists leaders with backing from the fringe parties.
    It was all a cleverly calculated steps taken by New Delhi and the Nepali parties got lured or even misled.
    The net result has been the imposition of the fresh economic blockade from India which meant that Delhi demanded more say in Nepali affairs. Modi came to Janakpur and disturbed the entire communal harmony that we have had in between the Pahadiyas and the Madhesi nationalists’ brethren since time immemorial.
    Social fabric continues to remain in a disturbed state since Modi’s Janakpur trip.  Mr. Nepal is silent.
    In the campaign to damage Nepal, both the Indian Congress and the present day BJP are equally responsible. Rajiv paid the price though.
    A mythological story runs like this. When Lord Rama won over Pundit Ravana, the King of Lanka, told the one who defeated him that, in his own words – as I have myself been told by my seniors, “Oh! Ye brave Rama! You emerged as a victor only when my younger brother sided with you”. “While your brother Laxman remained loyal to you, my brother Bhivishan duped me by joining your camp that facilitated your victory over Lanka”.
    The fact is that Nepal feels cheated and defeated by India since the very birth of the latter, 1947, simply because some Nepali nationals are more loyal to the Indian establishment that what they should have been for their own motherland-Nepal.
    ( One media man after enjoying dinner at the Chinese embassy some two years ago made a cell phone call to report to the Indian embassy staff and is learnt to have reported whatever he could get worth passing on to the information to “whom it may concerned”. The media man had not even left the main building of the Chinese embassy).
    The open border and the advantages of sophisticated electronic gadgets, charisma.
    I am not sure, but I have been told by some high placed “nationalist” sources that Nepal cabinet’s decisions approach New Delhi much faster that could not be imagined of. Is it the handiwork of high placed India paid moles?  That means we have New Delhi paid moles amongst us who have been supplying even security related matters to their friends across the border but for a cost. This applies to the Nepal’s vibrant media as well.
    Without stretching the story further, I would like to come to the point. I wanted just to understand as to why Madhav Kumar Nepal is silent these days while his colleague Mr. JN Khanal is not happy with the protocol issues that has confronted him but not to Mr. Nepal. Why it is so then? Mr. Nepal appears to have got more than he deserved and thus his silence is logical. Mr. Khanal has some grumblings, so be it because he is not close to the Indian establishment, as is being rumored in Kathmandu’s political circuit.
    Highly placed sources have hinted this scribe that Delhi’s moles have penetrated into the Communist party that have just unified.
    Ailing Dr. Upendra Devkota, in his memoirs so far published, has at one point says that Mr. Madhav Nepal should have included himself in the team that had primarily been formed by the government to probe the mysterious killing of King Birendra’s entire family.
    According to Dr. Devkota, Mr. Nepal at first provided his positive nod to the committee and later declined to be a part of the probe committee. Why Mr. Nepal preferred to do a volte-face from his original “yes” decision to the “No”, yet remains a mystery. Neither Mr. Nepal nor his former UML party has revealed Mr. Nepal’s behavior-double to the public.
    Mr. Nepal has so far made no comments against Devkota’s remarks. He is silent which adds some more spice to the mysterious mystery.
    The reversal of the “Yes” into “No” reminded me of one event that tentatively happened during the 1990 political movement that had been waged by the political parties to curb the rights and the privileges of the then active monarch. The story revolves round Madhav Nepal, UML senior leader and former Prime Minister of Nepal.
    This domestic movement of 1990 had, needless to say, the explicit support of the Indian establishment in that practically all the political parties which were operating in the Indian political spectrum then had been present in Kathmandu in support of the “campaign” of the Nepali political parties in “teaching a lesson” to the then King Birendra.
    The whole of Delhi’s political animals were in Kathmandu to scold King Birendra that included, Subramanyam Swami, MJ Akbar, Har Kishan Singh Surjeet and Chandra Shekhar and et al. The Indians insulted King Birendra and returned. The economic blockade imposed by India was also in place.
    While “insult” King Birendra campaign” was in progress with the help of the India’s Rajiv Gandhi’s government, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal came up with a brilliant idea which in many more ways than one scheme which when brought into action not only would have insulted the King only but also damaged the very national integrity of this sovereign country.
    The bold inkling which came from the dazzling brain of the UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal was to “invite Indian army inside Nepal to tame King Birendra”.
    Senior Journalist Yub Raj Gautam is on record to have told one Nepali TV Channel this tantalizing heroic advice of Mr. Nepal which was summarily rejected by late Madan Bhandari. This has perhaps been further substantiated in a book penned by Radha Krishna Mainali, a former UML leader but later expelled from the party for having joined the Royal government.
    Listening to this excited yet insult loaded version of Mr. Nepal, Madan Bhandari scolded Mr. Nepal, and perhaps he may have said this, “What nonsense! After all King is a Nepali national. We may settle our scores with him in our own way, however, inviting Indian army to this soil to take revenge with the King is an absurd proposition which ultimately impinges upon the pride of our sovereignty. Take your words back Mr. Nepal”.
    And Madhav Nepal complied. Not so many people know about this story.
    It was the same Madhav Nepal who perhaps was the first political persona to have sent a formal application to King Gyanendra appealing to appoint him as Nepal’s Prime Minister.
    As the luck would have it, Mr. Nepal is learnt to have managed free scholarship from India for his daughter. His daughter is now a MBBS doctor. (Remains yet to be substantiated though the rumors claim it to have been so.).
    It could just be a coincidence that Mr. Nepal who just wanted to invite the Indian Army to teach a lesson to King Birendra somehow or the other managed a MBBS degree for his daughter and that too free from the Indian establishment.
    Add to this, Madhav Nepal was the one UML leader who met the Maoists chairman Prachanda in Lucknow several times. In fact this meet between Nepal and Prachanda in Lucknow allowed us all to know that the entire Maoists revolutionaries were residing in India.
    Honorable Prachanda then in fact was residing in Delhi and waging a people’s war against his own motherland by being in Indian Territory.
    So there are several incidents that tend to point that Mr. Nepal may have some soft corner for the Indian establishment to which he denies tooth and nail. His love and honor for the Southern neighbor remains no longer a secret, so claim his own party colleagues who ventilate their inner feelings on Nepal while talking on the sidelines.
    Could be a bid to malign Mr. Nepal’s towering political persona?
    Mr. Nepal denies to have tacit relations with the Southern regime though. However, the common mass appear reluctant to subscribe to Mr. Nepal’s explanations for reasons unknown.
    His tacit links with the North Koran regime and Norway are too somewhat confusing. His intimate ties with the leaders of Republic of Korea is equally baffling. This explains his command in practicing nonaligned foreign policy to which Nepal has a commitment. Some even say that the initial groundwork for the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un has been in essence laid by Mr. Nepal. If so then he is a man of high political caliber. We must admire his talent, without offending his opposition, and in-depth knowledge in commanding the capacity to swing the world politics the way he desires. The unified communist party shall definitely benefit from such a sophisticated brain that Mr. Nepal has proved himself to be.
    But he prefers to maintain stoic silence even when Indian encroachment of Nepali landmass continues. He keeps silence as and when Indian SSB beats Nepali nationals. The SSB terror does not pain him. Border expert BN Shrestha claims that India at the moment has captured a grand chunk of Nepali territory but our leaders, more so Mr. Nepal, prefers not to take note of such “minor” incidents. This is mysterious. Mr. Nepal together with PM Oli are not interested in initiating a probe into the mysterious killing of Madan Bhandari and Jiv Raj Ashrit. Even the widow of late Bhandari, Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari, the sitting President of Nepal is perhaps less interested in ordering her party’s government to investigate his husband’s mysterious killing. Will she? Perhaps not.
    Now for the road:
    From 31 October to 3 November 1984, over 3000 Sikh men and women together with children were tentatively butchered by the erratic and violent mobs following the assassination of the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
    Since that time Television was a rare commodity in Kathmandu, only a few VVIP could afford this Idiot Box. This scribe was then lives in a rented house in kalikasthan. Dr. Yadav Pant, a minister in the Panchayat regime, had this facility and we heard from his house that in Delhi Mrs. Gandhi has been killed and the entire Indian city has been reeling under chaos and even some innocent Sikhs were being chased and killed which included children of all ages.
    The massacre of 1984 was to a greater extent a shame for India, so said a Sikh gentleman while talking to this scribe during my short stay in Toronto, Canada.
    This Sikh gentleman who fled to Canada to save his life talked with me for about an hour in Toronto, (He appealed me not to mention the name of the place in Toronto where I met him-Upadhyaya).
    A government appointed judicial commission took the wanton killing of the Sikhs across the Indian Union as “organized carnage”.
    I shall elaborate my talks with the Sikh national whom I met last year in Toronto, Canada. In fact I introduced myself that I was from Nepal and then he…brought me to tears.
    He in the meantime handed over a book entitled Chaurasi Ki Na-Insafi which speaks of the panicked tale of the Sikhs’ who faced the brunt of the carnage that it was, that we heard being in Kathmandu. I will write about my talks with the Sikh gentleman in a week or two but with the month of June, 2018, to let the Nepali leaders understand the real face of the Indian establishment, That’s all for this week.
    (Telegraph Nepal [email protected])


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