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Where is a petro-products deal? Testing time for Oli

  • Published on: June 20, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    During his first visit to Beijing in the capacity of the prime minister of Nepal two years ago, KP Sharma Oli and his Chinese counterpart had agreed to import 30 percent out of the total imports of our petro-products from China. This time, we have not seen this agenda in Oli’s list. Nepal is totally dependent upon India in many items, including petro-products. To recall, during the Panchayat days, the Nepal Oil Corporation used to bring crude oil from the Gulf countries and they were processed in India. Along with the introduction of multiparty democracy, this process ended as Nepal started to buy petro-products only from India which also imported such oil from the Gulf countries. It is not good to depend upon any particular country on such a commodity such as petro-products.  When Oli had decided to import 30 percent of our petro-products need from China, all the Nepali had applauded his bold decision. Within two years, although now he is enjoying a two-thirds majority in the parliament, it seems, he is not bold like he was during that time.
    Another agenda that the entire Nepalis had appreciated was the transportation and transit agreement with China. China, so far was ready to finalize this deal during Oli’s visit to China this time, but Oli didn’t wish to give a final shape to this agenda.  May be the then bold Oli has become very weak with the burden of the two-thirds majority.
    Removing the portion of Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini rail-route by Oli this time, it seems this is an effort to please his bosses in New Delhi.
    So far, this time, the Nepalis will have the opportunity to test Oli’s patriotic stance. Oli’s present Beijing visit will decide whether Oli will be writing his name in the history books as a patriotic and courageous Nepali leader or he will also remain in the fold of other leaders who are known to be Indians puppets!


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