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A glance at Oli’s prosperous Nepal

  • Published on: July 4, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    In every speech he gives to the people and his cadres, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli doesn’t miss to repeat the word “prosperous Nepal”. But how we are becoming prosperous, no one has any idea.
    The Commission for Abuse of Authority (CIAA) is taken as a very weak government institution to stop corruption, on the other hand, Oli is encircled with noted notorious business brokers. Oli is saying that he is not going to tolerate corruption in any form, but it seems, if action is taken against corrupt people, big leaders will come into the corruption net. Therefore, Oli’s speeches for a corruption free Nepal seems to be an impossible task.
    Oli’s home minister decided to end the syndicate system in transportation sector, but another minister has tried to protect the syndicate system. Accordingly, another attempt of the home minister to take action against construction entrepreneurs who have failed to complete construction works in time has also fizzled out. This attempt also failed when minister Raghubir Mahaseth, known as a businessman rather than a politician, came to save the construction contractors.
    Accordingly, the home minister tried to control INGOs/NGOs’ suspicious activities. On this also, Oli himself has created hurdles by giving order for not initiating investigation against INGOs/NGOs. This is not surprising as noted NGO man Subodh Pyakurel is in the team of Oli’s advisors.
    In conclusion, Oli, from a powerful prime minister, he may turn into a joke master in front of the Nepali people.


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