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Economic prosperity through mixed economy

  • Published on: July 4, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    Former ambassador to China, Dr Mahesh Maske, in his article in the Annapurna Post vernacular daily, has cited on China’s economic prosperity through a mixed economy.
    A mixed economy is not a new phenomenon for Nepal as the erstwhile Panchayat system had adopted a mixed economy, or say, fusion of communism and capitalism as the base of economic development. The result was not negative as all the economic indicators were showing positive result. The government undertakings were running in profit and the nation as a whole was heading towards prosperity in all sectors. The country was heading towards the path of industrialization.
    Along with the introduction of multiparty democracy, the Westerners influenced the leaders in the government and started to say that the nation’s job is not to do business. They started to privatize the government’s profit earning undertakings by pocketing hefty amounts of commission. Also, other government corporations were converted into political workers recruitment centers and also commission earning business institutions where political leaders could keep their own trusted men. Within a few years, all the profit-making corporations became sick and some of them were even unable to run in any form and as a result, they were closed. A privatization cell was opened under the sponsorship of the Adam Smith Foundation. The job of this cell was to privatize all the government undertakings. In other words, this was done to impose capitalism by destroying the system of the Nepali institutions with Nepali characteristics suited for the nation.
    Trade unions were introduced not for the welfare of the labourers but to discourage investors by hindering production through strikes and demonstrations. The main job of these trade unions was to collect money for the concerned parties with whom the particular union was associated. In the name of collecting money for the party, the trade union leaders started to pocket money by themselves and they emerged as political dons.
    Behind the economic development of China, there are many factors, including a peaceful labour environment. We have never heard about strikes in Chinese factories although the labourers are associated with labour union.
    To conclude, we had already adopted the model which China has adopted today. Due to the act of the political leaders’ bad intention, we have failed in developing our economy, whereas, due to the good and visionary attitude of the Chinese leaders,  China has become a successful country economically!

    The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) chairman Pushpakamal Dahal after a two week long stay in Singapore, returned home. Dahal, along with his wife Sita, had gone to Singapore for Sita’s treatment. In Singapore, Sita had undergone water therapy treatment, it was reported.
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli frequently visits Bangkok and Singapore for follow-up check-up of his health. There is a long list of political leaders visiting abroad for medical treatment. They receive money from the government for their treatment. In this way, billions of rupees have been spent for the treatment of the political leaders and their near and dear ones. The government, from the fund spent for the political leaders’ medical expenditure, could introduce advanced medical equipments along with highly professional medical experts for such treatment within the country and in this way many Nepali patients could also have benefited.
    Olijee is talking about “prosperous Nepal”. If we will be able to provide an advanced medical service by developing Kathmandu as an international medical hub, we could attract medical tourists from abroad. The government, so far, has to support and also monitor hospitals and medical research institutions for the quality of service they are providing by encouraging the government as well as private sector hospitals for introducing advanced equipments and also providing training facilities for our doctors abroad.
    Accordingly, thousands of youths are going to different countries to study medical science. Along with their study, they are taking billions of rupees worth foreign currency abroad. If the government will develop an environment for quality medical education within the country, Nepali youths could get opportunity to study in their own country. Also, if we will be able to provide quality education within the country, we can bring foreign students and foreign currency as well. The government should develop a strong monitoring team to inspect the educational standards and facilities. The private sector is keen to invest in this sector. The confusing part is that why Dr Govinda KC is launching fast onto death time and again opposing the opening of new medical institutions! This time, he is launching his 15th fast onto death protest in Jumla.
    Of course, we agree that the government should invest for running medical collages in different parts of the country and provide quality education to the medical students and workers at a very low cost. But we should stop those students going abroad for medical science study by giving them opportunities for study within the country.


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