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EPG recommendations without referendum?

  • Published on: July 4, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The Eminent Persons’ Group from both Nepal and India has compiled a final recommendation to be submitted to the concerned governments to review all bilateral treaties including the treaty of 1950. From the beginning, we have been lauding for scrapping the 1950 treaty and scrapping the provision of keeping Nepal-India borders open.
    Open borders have created many serious problems and it has become a serious threat for cross-border terrorism. India herself is blaming Nepal for the use of Nepali soil by international terrorist groups against India and trafficking of fake Indian currency to India through Nepali soil. But still, the Indians are against the close down of the open borders.
    From the beginning, we have been lauding for the holding of a referendum to decide on amendment of such a sensitive issue. If the government has regarded Nepali citizens as the source of sovereign power, it should allow the citizens to decide on such crucial issues in between the two neighbours by holding referendum. If the government will hold such a referendum on bilateral issues before inking new treaties with India, that will be wise and controversy will not arise between the two countries, we believe.


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