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RSS media campaigning for 2019 election

  • Published on: July 4, 2018

    THE Economic Times’ in its June 18, 2018 publication has revealed that RSS and BJP start firming up 2019 election strategy. The newspaper disclosed that the top leadership of RSS and BJP has started a campaign for paving the ground for re-election of BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha election in India. In this regard, the leadership of RSS and BJP has asked Modi and members of BJP Central Executive Committee to review the performance of all BJP Lok Sabha MPs and submit a report for issuing of tickets to MPs for 2019 poll. Furthermore, “The Sangathan Mantris have been tasked to find out how each BJP MP’s work in the constituency has been, whether he has the support and is still popular among the people.”
    ‘Times of India’ had already warned Indian masses and major Indian political parties in its 24 June 2017 publication that if BJP wins 2019 election, there will be a total change in India, a total conversion into Hindutva. The writer of this news item opines, “I believe RSS and BJP view the 2019 election as an important milestone in their desire to realise their long-standing dream of establishing a Hindu Rashtra.” In such an eventuality, there will be no chance for any other political force in 2024 election or thereafter. Indeed, the 2019 election will be the last opportunity for the political opposition as well as the citizens to stop this from happening. Thereafter, it will be extremist India, promoting terrorism against those, not following the ideology of Hindutva.
    It is worth mentioning that the RSS is resolute in its idea of India as a quintessentially Hindu country. Since 1925, RSS has been working on a constant agenda of Hindu India. In this regard, Sangh Parivar has always acted as its support base. The RSS and extremist Hindus were against the partition of India to make a new dominion in 1947. In 2014 election, Mr Modi used populism, nationalism and anti-secularism to great effect and fired up the imagination of millions looking for instant progress and national greatness. Hindutva is now undeniably a mainstream alternative to the idea of India that most Indians grew up with. Where do we go from here?
    The UK based newspaper “The Guardians” said in its 12 November 2015 edition, “India is being ruled by Hindu Taliban.” Though India protested over this statement but this is a reality, one can find in entire India today. Indeed, for making 2019 election campaign a success for the BJP, RSS and BJP are making use of Government funds to manage media in favour of BJP and for the promotion of Hindutva ideology. There has been recent revelation by Cobrapost through ‘Operation 136’. It was also revealed that about Rs. 8,000 crore were spent for media management in the last general election; and that the budget for the 2019 poll will be much more.
    It is worth mentioning that today’s India has total domination of RSS in sphere of Indian society and Indian state affairs. This extremist and terrorist group has a very critical and definitive role in Indian politics. Even being the founder of Hindutva, it has been criticized for its extremist role throughout the Indian history since its establishment in 1925. . Owing to its extremist role and involvement in many terrorist activities, RSS was once banned by British Indian Government and thrice by post-colonial Indian governments. So much so, its activist, Nathuram Godse, murdered Mahatma Gandhi on the accusation that Mahatma Gandhi has liberal attitude towards minorities in India. In today’s India, RSS is involved in all anti-Muslim terrorist activities and has established a dedicated militant wing Bajrang Dal to terrorize Muslims. Besides, this organization is terrorizing Christians and other minorities to convert into Hinduism.
    The Indian society, particularly its youth has been heavily influenced by the Hinduvta ideology and RSS philosophy. As an authentic estimate, 10000-15000 people join the RSS camp every month. With this increasing number of the RSS membership, bulk of Indian society would become part of RSS and its ideology in next 10 years. The most important aspect of this membership is that Indian leadership is vigorously following this ideology and has taken steps which are as per the dictates of the RSS. India Premier Narindra Modi is an active member of the RSS who was nourished under this organization right from his childhood. As per Indian writer, AG Noorani, “Modi is a lifelong RSS activist (pracharak), having left his family to dedicate himself to the organisation. It, in turn, ensured his rise to the post of the highest executive of the country.”
    The provident Indians have a realization that RSS led policies would lead this country towards an extremist and terrorist India in next two decades. After having known the reality of RSS led BJP Government, the civilized international community is rapidly reaching over the conclusion that Hindutva and RSS are worst enemies of peace, tolerance and co-existence. The most worrisome aspect for the world is that a country with a population of 1.3 billion will play havoc at regional and international level, once totally converted into Hindutva ideology.


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