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Foreigners’ united front against Oli government?

  • Published on: July 27, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 27 July: The present government led by PM KP Sharma Oli has just completed five months. The government, ensuring two-thirds majority is believed to be a permanent government which is expected to complete full term of five years. However, against such an expectation from all sectors, an united front has been developed to deplore and fail the government.

    All the broadsheet dailies, FM radios and television channels were strongly dominated by reports on Dr Govinda KC’s fast onto death. Those self-claimed leaders of the civil society, who were not seen during the years long fast onto death of Nanda Prasad Adhikari and Gangamaya Adhikari, were suddenly appeared in Kathmandu streets expressing solidarity on Dr KC’s demand. Those self-claimed civil society leaders and those running political parties have alleged the present government for practicing autocracy on the base of two-thirds majority.

    So far, Sanghu vernacular weekly has alleged that these civil society leaders and media have launched campaign to topple down Oli led government. More serious to note, the Weekly has alleged that the civil society leaders and media owners have launched agitation against the government and the agitation is sponsored by foreigners.

    The Weekly has further claimed that Western INGOs and NGOs funded by Westerners have used local media to defame the government run of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). As main opposition party NC is seen weak, to topple down Oli led government, Westerners have funded local media to agitate general public against the Oli government, Sanghu weekly has claimed.

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