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Tribute to Manujbabu Mishra

  • Published on: August 15, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan

    Senior artist and literate Manojbabu Mishra is no more. Late Mishra was one among the respected heroes for me. He was popular for his fine arts and other talents. Besides, he was a patriotic person who was always conscious on the nation’s sovereignty and independence. May be today there are very few people who remember the beauty of the Panchayat system, yet, Mishra was one among those few people who admired the Panchyat system and King Mahendra’s step on 17 Pous, 2017. Mishra had the belief that if King Mahendra had not taken a bold step on that day, Nepal’s existence as a sovereign and independent nation would have already been disappeared.
    Earlier, before introduction of the the Panchayat days, he saw Indian security force marching in front of his house. After the dawn of the Panchayat system, the Indian forces were removed from Nepal, he believed.
    He was bold enough to say that he was a pro-monarch forever as he saw the monarchs only could protect Nepal’s sovereignty and independence. He didn’t take any political benefit even being a monarchist even during the hey days of the Kings. He always stood for the institution of monarchy not to serve his personal interests but for a greater cause of the nation.
    In 1989, he saw the people’s movement sponsored by the Indians. After the success of the people’s movement, he limited himself inside the compound wall of his house in Tinchule, Mahankal. He didn’t take part in any public function and didn’t move around the city since then.
    It was his own personal revolt against the foreign direct intervention in Nepal. Of course, he devoted himself to fine arts until his last breath and created many popular arts staying alone at his home.
    Yes, some organizations/groups honoured him for his creative works but the programme was organised inside his compound as he denied to go out of his compound wall.
    He had a strong dissatisfaction about the performance of the political leaders/political parties who were dancing to the tune of foreigners. Since 1989, expressing his dissatisfaction, he stayed aloof from the society. I believe, he was a true patriot. I have seen many political leaders who were walking in the streets, who overnight became multibillionaires. Although they give long speeches on morality and ethics, they talk about “people’s supremacy” and describe “beauty of democracy”, but ultimately, they are found running behind foreign embassies for scholarship for their kids, election expenditure for themselves, medical expenditures, etc. They give long speeches on nationalism but run behind foreign powers to enjoy power within their own motherland. Indeed, they are the real traitors.
    Mishra was true in analyzing the characteristic and behavior of our political leaders. In my eyes, he was a true nationalist, although, he wished to fight alone against the traitors.
    On this background, Mishra’s demise is a great loss to the nation. The nation has not only lost a creative fine artist but also a true nationalist. On this sad occasion, I pray to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul and extend heartfelt condolences to all the members of the bereaved family!


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