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Prakash A Raj’s recollection series

  • Published on: August 29, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Noted writer Prakash A Raj has once again appeared with his new gift “Smaran Mala (part-1) in the Nepali literary market. “Smaran Mala” is a compilation of his recollection on different 30 reputed literates and dignitaries, those who were born in between 1940 to 2004 BS.
    They are: Balkrishna Sama, Riddhibahadur Malla, Master Basudev Luintel, Keshabraj Pindali, Ishwar Baral, Nayaraj Pant, Master Hariharnath, Ramchandra Poudel, Dilliraman Regmi, Somnath Sigdel, Swami Prappanacharya, Satyanwesi Gyanmani, Rihikesh Shah, BP Koirala, Kamalmani Dikchit, Diamond S Rana, Rammani Rishal, Bijaya Malla, Harka Gurung, Rochak Ghimire, Kirtinidhi Bista, King Birendra, Dineshraj Pant, Damodar Sharma, Achutraman Adhikari, Taranath Sharma, Sattyamohan Joshi, Ramdayal Rakesh, Bairagi Kaila and king Gyanendra.
    A Raj, in short notes on those dignitaries, has briefly informed the readers on his recollections with these personalities. He has very interestingly presented his relations, incidents and memoires along with relations of his father and grandfather Hemraj with those dignitaries.
    While going through those recollections, the author has very interestingly described historical incidents which gave a new angel to the history of Nepal.
    Priced at 150 rupees, published by Janamat Prakashan Nepal in 2075, the publication is worth reading.
    As this is the first part of the recollection series, we can hope the author is going to bring out the next series as well.


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